Kozukue Castle 小机城
Year 1438
Type Hilltop
Condition Ruins
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Location Yokohama, Kanagawa Pref.
Map Google Map
Access Kozukue Sta. (Yokohama Line), 10 min walk
Website Kozukue Castle Shimin-no-mori Park
Visited April 10, 2010
Notes A nice little castle to visit in the middle of the big city. In several of the pictures you can see many cherry blossom petals covering the ground. It looks like this is a secret cherry blossom spot for locals, but I was a little too late to get good pictures of them.
History It is not clear exactly when Kozukue Castle was built, but it was probably around 1438 by the Uesugi. When Nagao Kageharu rebelled against the Uesugi in 1478, one of his allies, Toshima Yasutsune fled to Kozukue Castle. Ota Dokan laid siege to the castle for over 2 months until Toshima was defeated.

When the Hojo came to power, they fortified the castle and stationed Kasahara Nobutame here. The Kasahara worked to develop the surrounding town and were also given control under the Tokugawa after the castle was abandoned. Kozukue Castle gave up without a fight in Hideyoshi's siege of Odawara in 1590.

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  • Chris B    April 06, 2015 at 09:36 PM
    I live close to here and have always wanted to see our local castle grounds, the hill is quite obvious but the entrance is a little tricky. The simplest way to find the entrance is where the JR Yokohama line and Daisan Keihin Highway intersect there is a little plaque with an arrow showing the entrance stars which are right next to someone's house. There is however a second entrance just about 30 meters east of there that has a bathroom and slope as well as stairs. I just missed the Sakura Festival yesterday (April 5th 2015), there is also a Take Tore Festival where they put candles out along the path in October. Beautiful bamboo forest, cherry trees, well maintained paths and easy to imagine the former Castle.
  • Explorer Joe    March 05, 2011 at 09:28 PM
    Finding this one took me hours. The entrance's to the park appear to be nothing more than someone's driveway. I had a hard time deciphering where things were, as I don't speak Japanese.
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Yokohama, Kanagawa Pref.
Kozukue Castle views
Honmaru bailey and kabukimon gate Path between the honmaru and ninomaru baileys
small bailey between the honmaru and ninomaru baileys dry moat
dry moats ninomaru bailey and yagura foundation
Outside edge of the ninomaru bailey dry moat between the ninomaru and honmaru baileys
dry moat dobashi bridge entering the honmaru
dobashi bridge into the honmaru dobashi bridge
kozukue castle map