Toba Castle 鳥羽城
stone walls
Picture Donated by Kristy D.
Founder Kuki Yoshitaka
Year 1594
Type Hilltop
Condition Ruins
Alternate Name Nishiki-jo
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Historical Site Prefectural Historic Site
Location Toba, Mie Pref.
Map Google Map
Access Toba Sta. (Kintetsu Toba Line, Shima Line; JR Sanguu Line); 10 min. walk
Website Toba Castle Ruins
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Notes The grounds are currently occupied by government buildings and a preschool. Nearby is the Toba Acquarium.
History Toba Castle was founded in 1594 by Kuki Yoshitaka, a retainer of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. The Kuki clan ruled for three generations until 1633. After the Kuki, Naito Tadashige became lord of the castle and expanded the grounds by adding a second and third bailey. In 1854, the castle was heavily damaged in an earthquake and tsunami. It was not repaired and was abandoned in 1871.
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  • ART    February 04, 2017 at 12:23 AM
    Correction to below comment: aihashiguchimon not otemon. The otemon at Toba Castle faced the sea.
  • ART    December 25, 2016 at 05:48 PM
    The otemon ato now beneath aihashi bridge. The honmaru is now cleared as the neighbouring primary school is closed (but the building is being kept for posterity). I really liked the terraced hillside with the 9/10 bands of ishigaki. Lots of info about the castle is available in english from the tourist information center at the station. They have a big banner of a mitsudomoe now at the castle entrance which can be seen from the train. I saw a cruise ship shaped like a castle in the bay. Toba is a nice town, i'd like to go back.
  • Kris on My Page    February 04, 2011 at 11:26 PM
    The interesting fact I remember about this castle was that the Otemon opened onto the sea, such was the might of the Kuki navy! The grounds are nice enough for a walk but the site of the hon-maru was quite depressing. It is a dusty children's playground with a rusting basketball hoop and faded happy murals of everyone holding hands painted onto corrugate iron sheeting. It was one of those castles where I wished they had reconstructed it, even if only in concrete. Boat rides to the Pearl Island or the Aquarium could have left through the Otemon - anything but a basketball hoop. To make up for it though, there is quite a detailed history written in Japanese near the San-no-Maru entrance. Also, the Mikomoto Pearl Museum has a (quite small) scale replica of a Sengoku Era warship. Nearby Joanji is the Kuki family temple and has the dagger he used to commit seppuku after defeat at Sekigahara; as a result he has both a kubizuka and dozuka to do ohakamairi at. The cedars used in the construction of the Nippon-maru reputedly came from nearby Kata Jinja.
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Toba, Mie Pref.
Toba Castle views
stone walls stone walls
stone walls Stone walls
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