Yonago Castle 米子城
Founder Kikkawa Hiroie
Year 1591
Type Hilltop
Condition Ruins
Alternate Name Iinoyama-jo
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Historical Site National Historic Site
Location Yonago, Tottori Pref.
Map Google Map
Access Yonago Sta.; 15 min walk
Website Yonago Castle
Visited November 19, 2010
Notes Yonago Castle was a pleasant surprise. I wasn't originally planning to stop here but I had enough time on my way back from Gassan Toda and the taxi driver to Gassan Toda highly recommended it so I did. Yonago Castle seems to get overshadowed by nearby castles in the Top 100 but the extensive stone walls, nice views and park make this a must see for castle fans visiting the area.
History Around 1467 Yamana Muneyuki built a fort on Mt. Iinoyama just to the East of Minatoyama where Yonago Castle stands today. Kikkawa Hiroi founded the first real castle here on Minatoyama in 1591, but was not there to see it completed. After losing in the Battle of Sekigahara Kikkawa was moved to Iwakuni and Nakamura Kazutada became the new lord of Yonago in 1601. The castle was completed in 1602. Kazutada's family line abruptly ended with his sudden death in 1609. Kato Sadayasu became the new lord until he was transferred to Ozu in 1617. The Ikeda clan then ruled until 1632 when control of the castle was passed to their retainer the Arao Naritoshi. The Arao family ruled over Yonago Castle until the Meiji Restoration when they voluntarily returned teh castle to the government in 1869. In 1873 most of the castle buildings were sold and a few years later the remaining castle structures were dismantled.

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  • a22cricket on My Page    May 16, 2011 at 07:11 PM
    Some stone walls. Best memory of this site is climbing to the top after a snow storm and getting a picture of the sunset.
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Yonago, Tottori Pref.
Yonago Castle views
Path to the Naizenmaru
entrance to the Naizenmaru stone walls of the honmaru
stone walls and the foundation of the main keep main keep foundation
entrance to the honmaru and stone walls honmaru entrance
view form the honmaru looking down from the honmaru
extension of the Honmaru View form Honmaru
Mizute Gate Ruins West entrance to the Honmaru
Stone walls of the Honmaru Stone walls of the Honmaru
Stone walls of the Honmaru Ohara Nagayamon Gate
Ohara Nagayamon Gate A view of the masugata from outside
inside of the masugata gate map