Sugiyama Castle 杉山城
Founder Yamanouchi Uesugi
Year 15-16th C.
Type Hilltop
Condition Ruins
Admin's Rating ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
Historical Site National Historic Site
Location Ranzan, Saitama Pref.
Map Google Map
Access Musashi Ranzan (Tobu Tojo Line), 45 min walk
Visited November 11, 2010
Notes The layout and territory of this castle, including several baileys and moats, are very well preserved so I highly recommend it for castle fans. There are some very good signs explaining sections of the castle and the grounds are well kept making it an enjoyable visit too. The castle is on private property and maintained by volunteers.
History For such a well fortified caste, there are no historical records that mention Sugiyama Castle. It was once thought to have been built by the Hojo but recent excavations suggest that it was most likely built by Yamanouchi Uesugi. Further, it would not have been necessary for the Hojo to build a castle at this location with so many other fortifications nearby, but it would have been a more valuable location for Yamanouchi to defend against Ougigayatsu Uesugi. The layout of this castle demonstrates an incredibly high level of skill and engineering so it is is likely that the Hojo also had a hand in modifying the fortifications.
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Ranzan, Saitama Pref.
Sugiyama Castle views
Umadashi entrance Oteguchi main entrance
entrance to the umasashi outside the Honkuruwa
North Entrance to the Honkuruwa Path to the North Third Bailey
Horikiri Honkuruwa
East Second and Third Baileys Looking out from the Honkuruwa
Looking form the South Second Bailey East Third Bailey looking towards the Honkuruwa
Moat around the South Second Bailey Moat between the Outer Kuruwa and Dekuruwa
Illustration of the Ote Gate Castle map and umadashi illustration