Shinagawa Battery Islands 品川台場
Founder Egawa Hidetatsu
Year 1853
Type Flatland
Condition Ruins
Admin's Rating ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Historical Site National Historic Site
Location Tokyo
Map Google Map
Access Odaiba Kaihin Koen (Yurikamome); 15 min walk
Website History of Shinagawa Batteries
Visited March 5, 2011
Notes Walk across the Rainbow Bridge to get the best views. After visiting here you could also take a river boat bus from the landing next to the Odaiba Kaihin Park up to Asakusa. I'm not sure if this is a separate castle or an extension of Edo Castle, but most of my materials list it separately, so I will too.
History The Tokugawa Government commissioned Egawa Hidetatsu in 1853 to build several fortresses in Tokyo Bay to protect Edo from foreign ships, namely Commodore Perry, who also arrived that same year. Egawa's plan originally consisted of 11 man-made islands and three additional batteries placed around the mouth of the Sumida River. In just over a year, 6 of the original plan were completed, but due to a lack of funds and emphasis being placed on other fortifications, such as Goryokaku, the remainder of the plan was abandoned. Since WWII, most of these islands were destroyed or absorbed by fill-in projects such as the Tennoz Isle area. Only islands #3 and #6 remain today. Island #3 is now connected to the Odaiba Kaihin park by a landbridge. You can get a good view of each island by walking across the Rainbow Bridge.

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  • furinkazan on My Page    April 05, 2016 at 10:58 PM
    I went to Ôdaiba today and visited this site in the morning. It's easily accessible like written by the webmaster. I went also on the rainbow bridge to take some photos. It's a nice little park, but there isn't a lot to see. After that i went to several facilities on Ôdaiba. It's interesting to note that from the observation deck of the Fuji television building you can take nice pictures of the batteries. Also when you go to the downward elevators you'll encounter some nice devices They look as little televisions. You can direct them to the batteries and actually they show you the batteries during the Edo period. All of them are present and you can zoom to see some details. The entrance fee to the observatory deck is 550¥.
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Shinagawa Battery Islands views
No. 3 Battery Island
No. 3 Battery stone walls of the No. 3 Battery Island
Inside the No. 3 Battery cannon foundations
Path to the original boat landing of the island No. 3 Battery Island as seen from the Rainbow Bridge
The No. 6 Battery Island as seen from the #3 Battery Island No. 6 Battery Island as seen from the Rainbow Bridge
No. 6 Battery Island as seen from the Rainbow Bridge Both islands as seen from the bridge
Map of the #3 Battery Island Valuable materials related to building the islands
The photos and plans for the islands #1-3 Photos and plans for the islands #4-6