Usuki Castle 臼杵城

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Founder Otomo Sourin (Yoshishige)
Year 1562
Type Hilltop
Condition Other Buildings
Alternate Name Kijo
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Historical Site Prefectural Historic Site
Location Usuki, Oita Pref.
Map Google Map
Access JR Usuki Sta. (Nippo Line), 10 min walk
Website Oita Sightseeing - Usuki Castle
Visitor Info. no entrance fees | Time Required: An hour or less
Notes A replica of the kunikuzushi "country destroyer" canon can be seen on the castle grounds today. Supposedly, the kunikuzushi canon was imported from Portugal and used by the Otomo against the Shimazu
History Otomo Sourin moved from his palace in Funai and built Usuki Castle in 1562. Otomo was one of the strongest lords in Kyushu and controlled a large portion of the island. Hideyoshi started his Kyushu Campaigns in 1587 and with support from Otomo quickly took control of all of Kyushu. Otomo was replaced by Ota Kazuyoshi and Ota was replaced by Inaba Sadamichi from Gujo Hachiman Castle after the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600. The Inaba continued to rule until the Meiji Period.
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  • furinkazan on My Page    April 26, 2013 at 05:12 PM
    I didn't expected alot of this site, but i was surprized to see alot of informationpanels around the site, even in english. It's a nice little park to go to and it isn't far from the station. There is another reconstructed tower, the Utonoguchi-mon-wakiyagura. This is at the other end of the castle-grounds than the other reconstructed towers. I'll send photos of it when i'll be back at home. This is a site to visit when you're in the area.
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Usuki, Oita Pref.
Usuki Castle views
Otemon Gate
Otemon Gate Entrance to the castle
yaguramon gate and Tatamiyagura Otemon Gate
Tatamiyagura and Otemon Gate Map
Utonoguchi-mon-wakiyagura Utonoguchi-mon-wakiyagura
Replica of the Kunikuzushi Cannon