Yatsushiro Castle 八代城

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Founder Kato Masakata
Year 1619
Type Flatland
Condition Ruins
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Historical Site Prefectural Historic Site
Location Yatsushiro, Kumamoto Pref.
Map Google Map
Access Yatsushiro Sta. (Kagoshima Line); 30 min walk or city bus
Website Yatsushiro Municpial Museum
Notes The Kumamoto Domain had special permission from the Tokugawa Baukufu to have 2 castles in their domain (originally, Kumamoto Castle and Mugishima Castle). When Mugishima Castle was destroyed they transferred that permission to Yatsushiro Castle, otherwise it may have never been built. The purpose of having two castles was to help defend against the Satsuma domain, foreign ships and for the oppression of Christians.
History Mugishima Castle, a subsidiary castle to Kumamoto Castle, was destroyed in an earthquake in 1619. Kato Kiyomasa's son Kiyotada, lord of the castle, abandoned it. Kato Masakata was directed to build Yatsushiro Castle on this site. He did not finish the castle before the Kato were transferred from Kumamoto in 1632. The new lord, Hosokawa Tadaoki and then his son completed the castle. After their deaths, Matsui Okinaga, a loyal retainer of the Kato took control of the castle. The Matsui clan continued to rule until the Meiji Period. In 1672, the main keep, a yagura and walls burned down in a fire started by lightning. They were never rebuilt. In 1797 the small keep, honmaru palace, and a 3 level yagura were also burned down in a lightning strike. These were, however, rebuilt. In the Meiji Period, all the remaining buildings but the palace were torn down. The palace was used as the prefectural headquarters.

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  • furinkazan on My Page    April 21, 2013 at 07:57 PM
    On my way back from Hitoyoshi i stopped here. It is on the same trainline and the site isn't that far from the station(2km). Ther are only the ishigaki left but the park inside and the Yatsushiro shrine are very beautiful. That said i wouldn't have gone to this site if it wasn't on my way.
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Yatsushiro, Kumamoto Pref.
Yatsushiro Castle views
Path along the north towards the main gate and tenshudai.
Sumo ring on the southeast corner. Moat on west side
Tenshudai main keep foundation
View of Yatsushiro-gu Shrine from the tenshudai. View of main gate