Tanabe Castle 田辺城
Yaguramon Gate
Picture Donated by Raymond W.
Founder Hosokawa Fujitaka
Year 1579
Type Flatland
Condition Other Buildings
Alternate Name Bugaku-jo
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Location Maizuru, Kyoto
Map Google Map
Access Nishi Maizuru Sta. (Maizuru Line), 5 min walk
Website Maizuru Tourism
Visitor Info. Museum is free; open 9am-5pm, closed 12/29-1/3 and Mondays except Monday holidays when it's closed Wednesday. | Time Required: 45 mins
Notes All photos by RaymondW.
History Hosokawa Fujitaka built this castle under orders from Oda Nobunaga and was succeeded by his son Tadaoki after he retired. Fujitaka set fire to his own castle Miyazu Castle, and sought refuge at Tanabe Castle while Tadaoki was at The Battle of Sekigahara on the side of the Tokugawa. 15,000 of the Ishida aligned attackers surrounded Tanabe Castle with only 500 defenders under the command of Fujitaka. After 50 days of sometimes intense fighting, Tanabe Castle surrendered in negotiations with the emperor acting as an intermediary to help save Fujitaka. Tadaoki distinguished himself at Sekigahara and was rewarded with the domain of Kokura in Kyushu. Kyogoku Takatomo became the new lord of the castle and then Makino Chikashige became lord in 1668. The stone walls and gate (reconstructed) that you see today were built by Makino. The Makino clan continued to rule until the Meiji Period.
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Maizuru, Kyoto
Tanabe Castle views
Yaguramon Gate Yaguramon Gate
Yaguramon Gate Closeup inside the gate
Honmaru stone walls Honmaru stone walls
Main keep foundation Honmaru stone walls
Yaguramon gate and a 2 story yagura A reconstructed yagura and wall
The site of a well in the honmaru The remnants of a honmaru moat are now just a pond
Honmaru Map