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If you were a registered user of the old Jcastle.info you need to use the [[Special:PasswordReset | Forgot Your Password link]] to reset your password before logging in again. Your new Username is your short name or Nickname from Jcastle.info NOT the email address. If you have forgotten your nickname, you can look at the [[Special:ListUsers | user list]] to find it.
Start by using the [[Special:BrowseData/Castles|Castle Selector]] to search for castles or browse the [[map]].  
Start by using the [[Special:BrowseData/Castles|Castle Selector]] to search for castles or browse the [[map]].  

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Start by using the Castle Selector to search for castles or browse the map.

I'm in the middle of rebuilding the Jcastle.info site due to some problems with more old server. Here is the schedule of milestones. Most of the functional work is done, it's mainly cleaning things up and making a newer better design.

Phase 1 (end June)

Setup information architecture

Develop a simple design

Migrate castles

Migrate photos

Develop mapping features

Phase 2 (end July)

Develop the login & user system

Import users and user pages

Develop the Castle rating and comments system

Import user comments and ratings for each castle

Clean up user interface and links

switch the main www.jcastle.info domain to here

Phase 3 (end Sept)

Work on a new and better design

Finish the index pages for castle categories and properties

Import all other pages and articles