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Ema Tokimori built this castle under the orders of Takeda Shingen in 1564 to be the focal point of his intrusion into the Etchu area. It was a secondary castle to the Ema's home castle of Takahara Suwa Castle. In 1585 it was taken over by Kanamori Nagachika when he was given lordship of the Hida area by Hideyoshi. In 1615 it was decommissioned by the Edo Government.

Visit Notes

There's also an old farmhouse that appears to be have been relocated to just outside the gate. Otherwise, there's not much to see.

Photos and notes by Frank T.


Castle Profile
English Name Kamioka Castle
Japanese Name 神岡城
Founder Takeda Singen
Year Founded 1564
Castle Type Hilltop
Castle Condition Reconstructed main keep
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Year Reconstructed 1970 (concrete)
Features main keep, gates, stone walls, walls
Visitor Information
Access Hida Furukawa Sta. (Takayama Line)
Visitor Information 450 yen, open 900-1700
Time Required
Website http://www.city.hida.gifu.jp/kanko/miru/spot/kamioka/22kamiokajyou/index.html
Location Hida City, Gifu Prefecture
Coordinates 36° 19' 48", 137° 18' 8"
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