Kishiwada Castle




The history of fortifications on this site date back to the 1300's, but the castle you see here today was founded by Koide Hidemasa in 1585. Okabe Nobukatsu took control of the castle in 1640 and his ancestors ruled until the Meiji Restoration. The original main keep was struck by lightning and burned down in 1827. The original main keep had five stories but this mock reconstruction has only 3.

Visit Notes

A nice little castle to visit with interesting stone walls. The moat looks like it was unusually low when I was there.

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Castle Profile
English Name Kishiwada Castle
Japanese Name 岸和田城
Alternate Names Chikiri-jo
Founder Koide Hidemasa
Year Founded 1585
Castle Type Flatland
Castle Condition Reconstructed main keep
Designations Next 100 Castles, Local Historic Site
Historical Period Edo Period
Main Keep Structure 3 levels, 3 stories
Year Reconstructed 1954 (concrete)
Features main keep, gates, turrets, water moats, stone walls, walls
Visitor Information
Access Kishiwada Sta. (Nankai Main Line), 10 min. walk
Visitor Information 300 yen admission; open 10am-5pm, no admission after 4pm; Closed Mondays, except national holidays;
Time Required 45 mins
Location Kishiwada, Osaka
Coordinates 34° 27' 32.26" N, 135° 22' 14.38" E
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Year Visited 2013
Visits March 8, 2013
Added to Jcastle 2006

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48 months ago
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Visited this castle when I was in Kishiwada for the exciting danjiri festival. The reconstructed keep looks nice enough. I didn't feel like paying to enter it, though The highlight here is definitely the karesansui (枯山水) garden, a dry landscape garden designed by Mirei Shigemori in 1953. I assume the best views of this garden are from the top story of the tenshu.

(If you ever take the Nankai train from Osaka International Airport (KIX) to Osaka City, you can catch a glimpse of this castle from the train. That's how I learned about the existence of this castle.)


113 months ago
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Worst castle inside, 300yen for what? Looks good from outside though. Felt sorry for the poor monkey in the cage


121 months ago
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I visited this castle today. It is a nice little castle. You can take pictures of it from around the outer and inner bailey, which i found really nice.

Anonymous user #1

134 months ago
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Kishiwada Castle has a magnificent garden designed by the master of twentieth-century Japanese garden architecture, Shigemori Mirei.

Anonymous user #1

138 months ago
Score 0++
I really enjoyed escaping to this castle from the tourist crazed Osaka castle. It was a very pleasant surprise. Definitely worth a look.

Anonymous user #1

152 months ago
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I visited the castle last year, and it is a good example of a small castle, which is why I believe it should be given a higher than 1 rating maybe 2 or 2.5. Also inside the castle is a great exhibit of shoudo quite a few of the family armor collection on display and a good sword exhibit. Worth a look if you have time in Kansai region as it is only about 30 minutes from Osaka.