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In the Sengoku Period, three nearby castles (Higashi Castle, Nishi Castle, Misaki Castle) made up what was known as the Three Castles of Kuwana. After Nobunaga conquered the area, the three castles were ruled together under both Nobunaga and then Hideyoshi. After the Battle of Sekigahara, Honda Tadakatsu was given command of Kuwana and built present day Kuwana Castle roughly on the site of the Higashi Castle. Honda spent 10 years building up a prosperous castle town and a massive castle that made use of three rivers to create moats. At it's peak, the castle had 3 three level yagura, 24 two level yagura, 24 connected yagura, 12 tamon (one level) yagura and 46 gates. It sat at a vital point overseeing the Tokaido Road and the only section of waterway along the the course.

In 1617, Tadakatsu's son Tadamasa, the 2nd lord of Kuwana Castle, was transferred to Himeji and Matsudaira Sadashige became the new lord of Kuwana Castle. Matsudaira lords ruled over Kuwana Province from Kuwana Castle until the Meiji Resoration. After the Boshin War, the castle was dismantled and much of the stone walls were used to build the port at Yokkaichi.

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Castle Profile
English Name Kuwana Castle
Japanese Name 桑名城
Alternate Names Ougi Castle
Founder Hionda Tadakatsu
Year Founded 1601
Castle Type Flatland
Castle Condition No main keep but other buildings
Designations Prefectural Historic Site
Historical Period Edo Period
Features turrets, water moats, stone walls
Visitor Information
Access Kuwana Sta. (Kansai Line); 20 min walk
Visitor Information open any time
Time Required 30 mins
Website http://kanko.city.kuwana.mie.jp/history/kuwanajyo/
Location Kuwana, Mie Prefecture
Coordinates 35° 3' 52.67" N, 136° 41' 55.39" E
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