Oba Castle Okusawa Castle Shirogane Yakata

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Oba Castle, Okusawa Castle, Shirogane Yakata


Added three new castles from autumn visits around Tokyo. I should now be caught up with all the new castle visits from the autumn and from 2017.

Oba Castle / 大庭城


I was pleasantly surprised that this castle is much more extensive and has much better ruins than I was expecting. Many well defined trenches and embankments can be seen around the enclosures and the layout of the castle is mostly well preserved. If you enter through the main entrance by the parking lot and park office, please be sure to go out the bottom of the castle where you can also get some better views of the side trenches and baileys. One of the features of this castle is the 2 yokobori side trenches that run parallel around the end of the mountain at the first bailey. There are a few different busses that leave from either Tsujido Station or Fujisawa Station that will get you to within walking distance of the castle. Check this link for details.
Okusawa Castle / 奥沢城


Incredible fall colors here. I recommend visiting during that season at the end of November or early December. Most of the embankments are in areas that you are not technically supposed to enter.
Shirogane Yakata / 白金館


Even if the ruins of the fortified mansions are very few, it's a beautiful park to walk through in the middle of the city. It is interesting however that the embankments around here have survived through the Edo Period to end up protected in the Institute For Nature Study.
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