Unused properties

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This page lists unused properties that are declared although no other page makes use of them. For a differentiated view, see the entire or wanted properties special pages.


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List of properties

  1. Admin Rating of type Number
  2. Artifacts of type Text
  3. Background of type Text
  4. CastlesReferenced of type Text
  5. Coordinates of type Geographic coordinates
  6. Founder of type Text
  7. GPS of type Geographic coordinates
  8. Has Important Cultural Properties of type Boolean
  9. Has National Treasures of type Boolean
  10. Has buildings of type Boolean
  11. Has stone walls of type Boolean
  12. Historical Designations of type Page
  13. History of type Text
  14. Is a Top 100 Castle of type Boolean
  15. Is a World Heritage Site of type Boolean
  16. Japanese Notes of type Text
  17. NewsBody of type Text
  18. PageTitle of type Text
  19. PubDate of type Date
  20. Romaji Name of type Text
  21. Sub Structure of type Page
  22. User of type Page
  23. UserPageBody of type Text
  24. Year of type Text
  25. Year Founded of type Text
  26. Year Reconstructed of type Text
  27. Foaf:homepage of type URL
  28. Foaf:knows of type Page
  29. Foaf:name of type Text
  30. Owl:differentFrom of type Page