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In 1623, Tokugawa Hidetada ordered Matsudaira Sadatsuna to build a new castle here to fortify southern Kyoto. The plan was to dismantle Fushimi Castle and move the main keep here by rebuilding the former Yodo Castle closer to the river. The stone walls also made use of some stones from Fushimi Castle. At the last minute, the main keep was moved to NIjo Castle instead and the main keep form Nijo Castle was moved to Yodo Castle. The original foundation at Yodo Castle had been built to accommodate the larger Fushimi Castle main keep so the smaller Nijo Castle main keep had a lot of extra area on the foundation. To fill the area they built smaller 2 level yagura at the corners, connected by a single story yagura all around. The main keep burned down in a lightning strike in 1756. In 1856, the Shogunate forces who were defeated at the Battle of Toba Fushimi fled to regroup at Yodo Castle. However, they were refused protection by the lord of the castle despite having been loyal to Edo in the past. This was the final blow to the defeat of the former Shogunate forces in Kyoto.

Visit Notes

The stone walls of Yodo Castle are quite impressive. Unfortunately, the grounds are in a bad state of maintenance. The walls are overgrown with weeds in places, the weeds inside the baileys are out of control making the mosquitoes in October terrible. The very few signs are falling apart and there is a lot of trash scattered about. For a city like Kyoto that values its heritage, it is a shame to see this site falling into ruin. Especially when they just rebuilt the station and put millions of dollars into a new horse racing park just on the other side. Maybe they can return some of the profits from the those back into restoring the site one day. I understand that plans were drawn up to reinvigorate the site a few years ago, but no progress to date.

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Castle Profile
English Name Yodo Castle
Japanese Name 淀城
Alternate Names Ukijiro, Tenjiro
Founder Matsudaira Sadatsuna
Year Founded 1623
Castle Type Flatland
Castle Condition Ruins only
Historical Period Edo Period
Features water moats, stone walls
Visitor Information
Access Yodo Sta. (Keihan Line); 1 min walk
Visitor Information Park is open any time.
Time Required 30 mins
Website http://kanko.city.kyoto.lg.jp/detail.php?InforKindCode=1&ManageCode=6000057
Location Kyoto, Kyoto
Coordinates 34° 54' 17.32" N, 135° 43' 3.40" E
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20 months ago
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These might be two useless details to some castle fans, but let me just share them anyway for the sake of completeness.

In the garden of Rinshō-in (麟祥院), a subtemple of Myōshin-ji in Kyoto, there is a shachihoko ornament. It is said to be a remnant of Yodo Castle. The temple is dedicated to Lady Kasuga. Her father was a retainer of Akechi Mitsuhide, so that provides somewhat of a link between the two places.

Another shachihoko of Yodo-jō is on (permanent?) display at the Archaeological Museum in Kyoto.


49 months ago
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From 18 February to 25 June 2017, there is a special archaeological exhibition about Yodo Castle and Fushimi Castle. The exhibition is free and will be held at Kyoto City Archaeological Museum. For more info (in Japanese) see http://www.c...0213675.html

Anonymous user #1

65 months ago
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I tried an adventure and went to visit this castle at the end of August in 2016. It is now used as a recreation park for few elders who gather there to play Japanese chess and there are some plays for children to do. The walls and part of the moat remains and there is a small nice jinja in the park, but everything is left completely abandoned. It could have been a nice place if the local administrations could at least make it into a pretty garden... I tried to walk on the walls but the grass was very high and at some point the trees block the way. The impression is that everything is going to fall in few years. The view of the moat and the wall from the East side is not bad, but it's a real shame that nobody's doing anything to keep the place in a good state.