Fushimi Castle Relocated Structures

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Relocated Structures of Fushimi Castle

Fushimi Castle was dismantled by the Tokugawa as part of the Tokugawa's own one castle per domain edict. Many of the structures were moved to temples and even other castles. This was probably one of the biggest or most famous castles to be completely dismantled as part of the one castle per domain law so we see more structures relocated from here than elsewhere. It could also be that many people were eager to have a part of the history of a once great castle that was commanded by the last two great warlords, both Hideyoshi and Ieyasu. The list below is by no means a comprehensive list of all relocated structures, only those that I have personally visited and have photos for (as of April 2024). I plan to visit several more sites this summer and try to complete those around Kyoto/Kansai at least.

This page only includes the original structures or those built with the original materials (like the blood ceilings) and does not include modern reconstructions like the Tsukimi Yagura at Fukuyama Castle or the residence of Entokuin. I have also tried to limit this page to those structures with some credibility of being from Fushimi Castle. There are actually quite a few more that have no credible background, but I've left those out, notably Fushimi Yagura at Edo Castle and some of the other structures at Nishi Honganji. The many legends of structures being from Fushimi Castle I think supports the above idea that many people wanted a piece of this great legacy.

The Fushimi Castle page has many more photos of each structure organized into albums by location. If there is more than one structure at a location (Kodaiji for instance) they are grouped into one sub-album for Kodaiji. This table attempts to list up each structure individually by type and can be sorted by column with the headers at the top of each. The locations link back to the album containing the photo to see more of that structure or site.

Photo Type Location Notes
Fushimi32.jpg Gate Gokonomiya Shrine Otemon of Hideyoshi's Fushimi Castle
Fushimi40.jpg Gate Genkuji Temple Lower half of the gate is from Fushimi Castle
Fushimi43.jpg Gate Eishunji Temple Sanmon Gate. The temple also has the only fully extant portion of the Fushimi Castle Sogamae outer walls
Fushiminisonina.jpg Gate Nison'in Somon Gate: Moved from Fushimi Castle in 1613
Fushiminishihonganjia.jpg Gate Nishi Honganji Temple Karamon Gate: This ornate National Treasure is thought to have been the main gate to the palace at Fushimi Castle.
Fushimitenryujif.jpg Gate Tenryuji Temple Chokushimon Gate: constructed around 1613 at Fushimi Castle as the Daidokoro Gate
Fushimikodaiji11.jpg Gate Kodaiji Temple Omotemon Gate: Supposedly built by Kayo Kiyomasa for Hideyoshi's Fushimi Castle. A short walk away from Kodaiji
Fushimikodaiji1.jpg Other Kodaiji Temple Kangetsudai: This moon viewing platform (middle part) lets you observes the moon's reflection in the pond
Fushimikodaiji2.jpg Other Kodaiji Temple Kaisando: the ceiling of the building is made from the floor of Hideyoshi's private ship and another part is made from the roof of Nene's carriage, interior photos are prohibited.
Fushimikodaiji3.jpg Other Kodaiji Temple Otamaya: memorial that enshrines Hideyoshi and Nene. The shrine was built with materials from Fushimi Castle. There are statues inside but interior photos are prohibited.
Fushimikodaiji13.jpg Other Kodaiji Temple Kasa-tei: Teahouse designed by the famous tea master and Hideyoshi advisor Sen-no-rikyu. The teahouse was moved from Fushimi Castle.
Fushimikodaiji5.jpg Other Kodaiji Temple Shigure-tei: Teahouse designed by Sen-no-rikyu
Fushimikodaiji17.jpg Other Kodaiji Temple Entokuin North Garden: The garden was moved with Nene's quarters but the house burned down. The garden features several large stones that were donated from different daimyo across Japan
Fushimitoyokuni3.jpg Gate Toyokuni Shrine One of the three National Treasure Karamon gates of Kyoto
Fushimigoko1.jpg Other Gokonomiya Shrine Entrance to the palace of Fushimi Castle, gifted by Tokugawa Yorinobu
Fushimiakazumon3.jpg Gate Akazunomon Akazunomon: The "unopened gate" from Fushimi Castle was moved to the Nanzenji Temple complex
Fushimikonchiin1.jpg Hall Konchi'in Main hall, relocated or built with parts from Fushimi Castle
Fushimimii4.jpg Gate Miidera Niomon: Moved from Jorakuji Temple (Shiga) by Hideyoshi and donated to Miidera by Ieyasu
Fushimimii2.jpg Gate Miidera Three Story Pagoda: Moved from Hisodera (Nara) by Hideyoshi and donated to Miidera by Ieyasu
Fushimibyodoin4.jpg Gate Byodoin South Gate: This is considered to be the oldest original yakuimon gate built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Fushimibyodoin1.jpg Hall Byodoin Yorinan Hall: A part of the Jodoin (hall behind the gate). You can only see the roof, but it is an Important Cultural property
Fushimigenkoan13.jpg Blood Ceiling Genkoan Ceiling of temple uses floorboards from Fushimi Castle to honor the fallen
Fushimihosenin9.jpg Blood Ceiling Hosenin Ceiling of temple uses floorboards from Fushimi Castle to honor the fallen
Fushimishodenji1.jpg Blood Ceiling Shodenji Ceiling of temple uses floorboards from Fushimi Castle to honor the fallen
Fushimishodenji5.jpg Hall Shodenji Main Hall: This was relocated from Fushimi Castle via a brief time at Konchi'in
Fushimitomonoh4.jpg Noh Stage Nunakuna Shrine Noh Stage: Hideyoshi's beloved Noh Stage from Fushimi Castle. Supposedly he carted it around to battle sites too
Fushimisaikyo1.jpg Hall Saikyoji Kyakuden Hall: This was a part of Hideyoshi's palace at Fushimi Castle. It also preserves Kano School artworks
Fukuyama10.jpeg Yagura Fukuyama Castle Fushimi Yagura - the large sturdy construction is thought to have been from Ieyasu's Fushimi Castle
Fukuyama120.jpeg Gate Fukuyama Castle Sujigane Gomon Gate - the large sturdy construction is thought to have been from Ieyasu's Fushimi Castle
Fushiminanzenjid.jpg Hall Nanzenji This "Small Hall", often called the Abbott's Quarters in English maps, is connected to the main hall of Nanzenji and was also relocated from Fushimi Castle
Fushiminanzenjif.jpg Hall Nanzenji Nakamon Gate - along side the Nanzenji Chokushimon Gate. This gate is from Matsui Yasuyuki's residence at Fushimi Castle and was donated by Matsui to Nanzenji in 1601.
Akashi1.jpg Yagura Akashi Castle Hitsujisaru Yagura - This large yagura took the place of a tenshu, or main keep, at Akashi Castle since no main keep was built here.
Akashi101.jpg Gate Akashi Castle - Gesshoji Gesshoji Temple Sanmon Gate - The gate was moved from Fushimi Castle to Akashi Castle and then Gesshoji.

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