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After the Kyotoku Incident, the brothers Chiba Sanatane and Chiba Yoritane fled the Shimousa region (modern day Chiba Prefecture) to the Musashi Region north of Tokyo. Sanatane built Ishihama Castle and Yoritane built Akatsuka Castle. The Akatsuka Chiba clan became loyal vassals of the Hojo. Akatsuka Castle likely played an important role for the Hojo as one of the borderland castles between Hojo and Uesugi lands. The castle continued until the fall of the Hojo in 1590.

Visit Notes

The castle ruins are on a hilltop in the Akatsuka Municipal Park. There are three main baileys that can be seen today. There are also some slight trenches and cliff sides you can barely make out in some areas.

The website listed is not technically for the castle but is for the Itabashi Historical Museum on the same site. If you are going to visit the castle, you might as well visit when the museum is open. The museum is nice and has some information about the castle but the old farmhouse, firehose wagon and other Edo Period artifacts are worth viewing.

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Castle Profile
English Name Akatsuka Castle
Japanese Name 赤塚城
Founder Chiba Yoritane
Year Founded 1456
Castle Type Hilltop
Castle Condition Ruins only
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Features trenches
Visitor Information
Access Nishi Takashimadaira Station (Toei Mita Line); 10 mins walk
Visitor Information park, open 24/7
Time Required 45 mins
Website https://www.city.itabashi.tokyo.jp/kyodoshiryokan/
Location Tokyo, Tokyo
Coordinates 35° 47' 4.38" N, 139° 38' 36.64" E
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I'm liking these "castle chains" you're finding in Kantou.