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Koshiro Yoshikado Hosokawa was appointed lord over this region and his son Yoshito built the castle atop Mt. Ryuubi. Yoshito renamed himself Aya and he and several generations of descebndents ruled over this castle until the Ito took control. Aya Castle became one of the most important of the 48 Ito castles in their battles with the Shimazu clan. In 1577, the Ito fell to the Shimazu and the Shimazu assumed control of Aya Castle. Aya Castle was conquered by Hideyoshi in 1587 as he subjugated Kyushu, but the castle was returned to Shimazu control when the area calmed down.

Aya Castle was decommission in 1615 under the Tokugawa's one castle per country law. The castle was reconstructed in 1985. There is no evidence to prove that a castle of this type existed here at any time. The design is based on what the earliest castles in the Sengoku Period were like and is a vivid example of the roots of the later castle tenshu.

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  • donjon
  • main keep
  • donjon
  • donjon
  • donjon
  • view from the main keep
  • interior of the main keep
  • main keep interior
  • model of the castle layout

Castle Profile
English Name Aya Castle
Japanese Name 綾城
Alternate Names Ryuubi-jo
Founder Koshiro Yoshikado Hosokawa
Year Founded 1331-1334(?)
Castle Type Mountaintop
Castle Condition Reconstructed main keep
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Main Keep Structure 3 levels, 3 stories
Year Reconstructed 1985 (wood)
Features main keep, stone walls
Visitor Information
Access Miyazaki Sta., 60min bus, 15 min walk
Visitor Information
Time Required
Website http://www.town.aya.miyazaki.jp/ayatown/english/Aya%20Town08-04-04/Sightseeing.htm
Location Aya, Miyazaki Prefecture
Coordinates 32° 0' 12.10" N, 131° 14' 56.54" E
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136 months ago
Score 0++
This is a castle reconstruction like they all should be. Very nice little castle and some interesting artifacts. When i arrived at Miyazakistation yesterday i went to the informationdesk to buy the 'Visit Miyazaki Bus Card'. For 1000yen you can take buses in Miyazaki and to extended cities, like Aya. This card is only for foreigners living outside Japan. The lady at the desk was really helpfull. She told me to take a bus in front of the station, east-exit, at busstop 2. The number of the bus is 304 or 305, bound for Aya. But afterwards i saw that there are more buses passing on the Tachibanastreet, the station being scarcely deserved by these buses. I took a 304 at Tachibanadori 3 chome busstop and the bus stops in the center of Aya. The fee was 1030yen, so the card was really interesting. After that i took a taxi, because the rain fell alot this morning. The fee for the taxi is 560yen. There are taxi's just in front of the busterminal. If you are in the area, you should go to Ayajo.