Castle town


Castle Town / 城下町

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During the Sengoku Period the importance of castles grew as military and government functions became centralized around them. The castle town was viewed as an extension of the castle's defenses. The roads surrounding it are a maze of dead ends, T-junctions, and narrow winding streets. With the increasing administrative role of castles they also became the economic center of the domain. Vassals moved their personal quarters near the castles, peasants, artisans and businessmen soon followed and the successive expansion of these castle towns led to what are some of the largest cities in Japan today. Much of the layout and planning of Tokyo was designed by the Tokugawa to be built around the castle.

The classification of "castle town" is subjective. Many more castles had castle towns than what have been tagged here. I only tagged castles where there are sufficient remnants to give you some atmosphere of a castle town. If you think others should be tagged likewise, please let me know.

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