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Edo Castle - Edo Castle - Kokuin


A collection of photos displaying (for now) kokuin photos used in the kokuin articles

  • Buddhist invocation against evil
  • The stone on the left has writing the indicates the "Awa-no-kami" 「---波守内/小----」but it has been partially erased
  • Otebori Moat
  • Babasaki Gate
  • Shimizumon Gate
  • 南無阿弥陀仏
    Buddhist invocation to ward off evil. This location is the "devil gate" direction (northeast) so it is meant to help protect the castle from evil.
  • Daisen Moat - near (Soto) Sakuradamon Gate
  • Hirakawa Moat near the Kitahanebashi Gate
  • Hirakawa moat
  • Fujimi Yagura foundation
  • Shimizumon Gate
  • Shimizubori Moat
  • Behind the Ote Rest Area
  • Daisen Moat - near (Soto) Sakuradamon Gate
  • Inside the main keep foundation
  • Bairinzaka
  • Hirakawa Moat - obviously writing, but I don't know what it says
  • Akasaka Mitsuke Gate
    You see several different variations of a circle with a small square in the middle and another kokuin on the same stone. The circle and square is the kokuin of the Fukuoka Kuroda (Tadayuki) clan. The variations indicate different retainers.
  • Sakurada Moat, near Nijubashi
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