Fortified Manor


Fortified Manor / 居館

This is a subtype of Castle Type

Fortified Manors (居館, kyokan) are the fortified residences of powerful local leaders and samurai. They are typically simple rectangular fortifications with a moat and earthen embankment, or sometimes stone walls. In Japanese they are often called Yashiki or Yakata. Many of these Fortified Manors are from the Heian and Kamakura Periods, before castles enlarged and developed to include quarters for samurai and other powerful local lords. In the Sengoku Period you often see the pair of a fortified manor at the foot of the mountain for everyday use and a mountaintop castle for use in times of unrest. Kazurayama Castle is one such good example and so is the Sanada Palace / Sanadahonjo Castle pair.

Some might ask if such Fortified Manors are really castles. The definition of "castle" in Japanese is actually vague. It is simply a fortification to help protect from one's enemies. This includes everything from the earliest fortified villages (Yoshinogari) to primarily political centers (Taga Castle) to smoke signal towers (noroshidai) or even fortified towns like Kamakura which itself was called Kamakura Castle at one point. The military purpose and defensive fortifications are what separates these from ordinary homes. This distinction is also separates them from Samurai Homes of the Edo Period, which were strictly controlled by local lords and did not have castle-like defenses such as embankments or trenches.

There is a frequently used Japanese castle term 城館 (jokan), which includes the characters for both castle (城) and fortified manors (館) that clearly covers both. There are also a few yakata in the Top 100 Castles and Next 100 Castles.

Castles with Fortified Manor
  1. Akagi Yakata
  2. Asama Palace
  3. Asama Yakata
  4. Ashikagashi Yakata
  5. Azumi Mondo Castle
  6. Baba Yashiki
  7. Chikuma Awaji Castle
  8. Chikuma Uchi Castle
  9. Chimura Yashiki
  10. Choujayashiki Yakata
  11. Choushouin Yakata
  12. Dainenji Yakata
  13. Ema Yakata
  14. Fukakusa Yakata
  15. Fukuouji Yakata
  16. Furumaya Yakata
  17. Gongen Yakata
  18. Habauehori Yashiki
  19. Hanazawa Yakata
  20. Hatakenaka Yakata
  21. Hikobe Yashiki
  22. Hirase Yakata
  23. Hitachi Takekuma Castle
  24. Hojo Clan Residence
  25. Horigane Yakata
  26. Horinouchi Yashiki
  27. Hosogaya Yakata
  28. Hotaka Yakata
  29. Houzouji Yakata
  30. Igawa Castle
  31. Ikenoshiri Yakata
  32. Inukai Yakata
  33. Iwade Danjou Kyokan
  34. Iwaoka Yakata
  35. Jinguuji Yakata
  36. Kai Genji Yakata
  37. Kai Ueno Castle
  38. Kamaenohaka Yakata
  39. Kamaian Yakata
  40. Katsunumashi Yakata
  41. Kazama Yakata
  42. Kikkawa Motoharu Yakata
  43. Kirihara Yakata
  44. Kiso Yoshinaka Yakata
  45. Kita Majino Castle
  46. Kitabatakeshi Yakata
  47. Kobinata Oh'yashiki
  48. Kouka Beffu Castle
  49. Kouka Ichibajin'yama Castle
  50. Koumyouji Yakata
  51. Kouzuke Ken Castle
  52. Kouzuke Niwaya Castle
  53. Kouzuke Ueno Castle
  54. Koya Yakata
  55. Kumagura Yakata
  56. Machita Yakata
  57. Mamabe Castle
  58. Maruyama Yakata
  59. Matsuda Yakata
  60. Matsudaira Yakata
  61. Mikawa Hime Castle
  62. Minamoto no Tsunemoto Yakata
  63. Minochi Komazawa Castle
  64. Minochi Oshigane Castle
  65. Minochi Owaribe Castle
  66. Minochi Wada Castle
  67. Minochi Yomogidaira Castle
  68. Motohori Yakata
  69. Motoyama Yakata
  70. Myoukian Yakata
  71. Nagato Dohiyama Castle
  72. Nagisa Castle
  73. Nakagoshoshugo Yakata
  74. Nakahara Yakata
  75. Nakamura Yakata
  76. Nakata Yashiki
  77. Nariai Yakata
  78. Nishina Castle
  79. Noguchi Yakata
  80. Nomura Yakata
  81. Obinata Samon Yakata
  82. Ogawamatobaoka Castle
  83. Oh'uchi Yakata
  84. Ohmiyahachiman Yakata
  85. Ohmura Yakata
  86. Ohtsuma Yakata
  87. Okada Chikayoshi Yakata
  88. Omi Yakata
  89. Ota Yakata
  90. Oumi Hatada Castle
  91. Oumi Hirai Castle
  92. Oumi Kashiwabara Castle
  93. Oumi Kitabodaiji Castle
  94. Oumi Shimozato Castle
  95. Oumi Touendou Castle
  96. Oumi Yamori Castle
  97. Owari Haguro Castle
  98. Sanada Palace
  99. Sarashina Fuse Castle
  100. Seiryuuji Yakata
  101. Sengoku Utanosuke Yakata
  102. Shibutami Yakata
  103. Shimosaka Yakata
  104. Shimoyama Yakata
  105. Shimoyashiki Yakata
  106. Shirogane Yakata
  107. Suginome Castle
  108. Tada Kasuke Yashiki
  109. Tagayashi Yakata
  110. Takami Yakata
  111. Takanashi Yakata
  112. Takano Yakata
  113. Takasaka Yakata
  114. Takisawa Yakata
  115. Tanba Katakari Castle
  116. Tanba Kokuryou Castle
  117. Tanba Nomura Castle
  118. Tanba Tonbori Castle
  119. Tanba Yaga Castle
  120. Toba Yakata
  121. Todoroki Yakata
  122. Todoroki Yashiki
  123. Tokoji Castle
  124. Tongari Yashiki
  125. Tono Yakata
  126. Tonomura Yakata
  127. Tsukiyama Yakata
  128. Uchigoya Yakata
  129. Uede Yashiki
  130. Uesugi Yakata
  131. Yabarahigashimura Yashiki
  132. Yamabe Yakata
  133. Yamada Shigetada Yakata
  134. Yamaga Yakata
  135. Yamaguchi Yashiki
  136. Yamashiro Imamura Castle
  137. Yoda Yakata
  138. Yoshinohori Yashiki
  139. Yoshinomachi Yakata
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