Fushimi Castle - Genkoan

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Fushimi Castle - Genko-an


The temple is famous for its fall colors and famous windows looking out on the leaves, but I wanted to visit well before the autumn crowds arrived. The entire ceiling of the main hall uses floorboards from Fushimi Castle. The coloration is not from weathering and age but the blood of Tokugawa's allies under Torii Mototada who took their own lives when faced with the overwhelming forces of Ishida Mitsunari. Walking the floor of the main hall and looking up at all the stains, wherein you can find at least 2 handprints and three footprints, literally gives you chills. A second castle connection can be found just across the street from Genko-an. The Sanmon of the temple was relocated from Bitchu Takamatsu Castle in Okayama.

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