Fushimi Castle - Kodaiji

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Fushimi Castle - Kodaiji


The Kodaiji temple was founded by Toyotomi Hideyoshi's wife Kita-no-Mandokoro (a.k.a. Nene) in 1605. Funded in part by Tokugawa Ieyasu, the temple is well known for its design and craftsmanship. It is also holds a wealth of Fushimi Castle structures.

Seimon: Probably missed by most people, this giant gate is a couple blocks away from the temple. It was formerly a gate a Fushimi Castle and supposedly built by Kato Kiyomasa.

Kangetsudai - This moon viewing platform lets you observes the moon's reflection in the pond. This structure was moved from Fushimi Castle. Some people/websites imply the entire structure including bridge is from Fushimi Castle, but it's actually only the small platform with the raised roof in the middle.

Kaisando: Across the moon viewing pond, is the Kaisan-do. It is actually dedicated to the founding priest of Kodaiji, but the ceiling of the building is made from the floor of Hideyoshi's private ship and another part is made from the roof of Nene's carriage.

Otamaya - memorial that enshrines Hideyoshi and Nene. There are statues inside but photos are prohibited. The shrine was built with materials from Fushimi Castle.

Kasa-tei: Teahouse designed by the famous tea master and Hideyoshi advisor Sen-no-rikyu and moved here from Fushimi Castle. Kasa is Japanese for umbrella. The underside of the roof looks like an umbrella.

Shigure-tei - Another teahouse designed by Sen-no-rikyu and moved from - you guessed it - Fushimi Castle!

Entokuin: Right across the road from Kodaiji is Entokuin, a sub-temple of Kodaiji. Nene moved here in 1605 when she founded Kodaiji. She also moved her house called the Kesho Palace (化粧御殿) from Fushimi Castle along with the garden which was rebuilt here. The garden is special because it features several large stones that were donated from different daimyo lords across Japan. Each is an uncut natural stone. Unfortunately, the Kesho Palace burned down so the only remnant we have from Nene or Fushimi Castle at the Entokuin temple is the North Garden.

  • Kangetsudai
  • Kangetsudai and Kaidando
  • Kaisando
  • Otamaya
  • Kasa-tei
  • Shigure-tei
  • Entokuin: North Garden
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