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In 1585, Kanamori Nagachika destroyed the Anekoji (aka Miki) clan and became lord of Hida Province, with Takayama Castle as his main castle. In addition to this, he established Masujima Castle and Hagiwara Suwa Castle as branch castles. Hagiwara Suwa Castle was built on the site of the Suwa Shrine and on completion the nearby Sakurabora Castle was abandoned and Sato Hidekata became master of Hagiwara Suwa Castle.

Hagiwara Suwa Castle was abandoned in 1615 in accordance with the Tokugawa enforced One-Country-One-Castle Order, but structures were maintained for the Kanamori clan to use as accommodation when traveling to and from Edo. These were finally torn down in 1692 when the Kanamori were transferred to Kaminoyama in Dewa Province. The Suwa Shrine then returned to the site in 1709, and remains to the present day. The ruins of the castle were designated a historical site by Gifu Prefecture in 1966, and the 'Garyu no Fuji' Wisteria growing in the castle ruins was designated a Natural Monument.

Visit Notes

Hagiwara Suwa Castle is a flat-land castle located in Hagiwara-cho, Gero City, Gifu Prefecture. It is a Gifu Prefecture-designated historic site, and the remains include stone walls and a moat. Hagiwara Suwa Castle’s walls feature round river stones taken from the Hida River. The main castle site was square, around 60m per side, with the Otemon gates to the south and a koguchi gate on the west side. Surrounded by six yagura watchtowers, the Honmaru featured corridor-like Tamon Yagura along the eastern side. Remains of a corner turret platform can be seen in the northeastern corner, while a western central yagura watchtower base and ishigaki remains were discovered during the recent Heisei period excavations.

Profile by Chris Glenn (edited by ART).

  • South eastern corner ishigaki and moat of Hagiwara Suwa Castle.
  • Northern facing ishigaki at Hagiwara Suwa Castle.
  • Remains of the western central Yagura base ishigaki.
  • Tamon yagura base.
  • Yokoya, side flank firing port.
  • Outline of Hagiwara Suwa Castle's central Honmaru.
  • Northeastern corner ishigaki.

Castle Profile
English Name Hagiwarasuwa Castle
Japanese Name 萩原諏訪城
Founder Kanamori Clan
Year Founded Before 1615
Castle Type Flatland
Castle Condition Ruins only
Designations Prefectural Historic Site
Historical Period Edo Period
Artifacts Ishigaki, Hori
Features trenches, stone walls
Visitor Information
Access Hida-Hagiwara Sation on the Takayama Line; 3 minute walk
Visitor Information 24/7 free; shrine
Time Required
Location Gero, Gifu Prefecture
Coordinates 35° 52' 27.19" N, 137° 12' 39.31" E
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