Hikone Castle - Sawaguchi Tamon Yagura

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Hikone Castle - Sawaguchi Tamon Yagura Special Exhibit


In the spring of 2024, the Sawaguchi Tamon Yagura was opened in place of the main keep which was closed for repairs.

This yagura is the left side of buildings separated by the road of the masugata gate. Those buildings on the right side of the gate are reconstructions.

A couple features to note are first the wavy looking walls. This is a result of plaster covering the support beams. You will also note that some of the walls are flat and thicker towards the bottom. These outside facing walls have been made thicker to help prevent bullets passing through. There is also a white plastered wall with thick doors around the middle of the corridor. This is a firewall and the plaster extends all the way through the roof to help prevent the spread of fire.

You can also see a Jcastle video here:

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