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In reaction to the growing strength of the Chinese in the 7th century, the Yamato Imperial Court began building some defenses and early warning fortifications in Kyushu. Kikuchi Castle is thought to have been built to provide logistical support and reinforcements for Kii and Ono Castles. As the threat from the mainland waned, so did the necessity of these castles and they eventually fell into disrepair.

Visit Notes

In 1997 a grain storehouse and barracks were reconstructed and in 1999 the octagonal tower was rebuilt. The park was designated a National Historical Site in 2004

  • tower and storehouse
  • reconstructed tower and rice warehouse
  • lookout tower
  • lookout tower

Castle Profile
English Name Kikuchi Castle
Japanese Name 鞠智城
Alternate Names Kikuchi-jo
Founder Yamato Imperial Court
Year Founded late 7th century
Castle Type Mountaintop
Castle Condition No main keep but other buildings
Designations Next 100 Castles, National Historic Site
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Features turrets
Visitor Information
Access 60 min bus from Kotsu Center (Kumamoto)
Visitor Information Free; open 9:30am - 5:15pm; closed Mondays except National holidays when it's closed the following day; closed Dec 25 - Jan 4
Time Required
Location Yamaga, Kumamoto Prefecture
Coordinates 33° 0' 8.39" N, 130° 47' 17.95" E
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136 months ago
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The site is a big one, with alot of strollingpaths all around, but there are only the four mentionned buildings to see. In the reception-building you will receive a leaflet in english and you can enjoy a little documentary about the history of the site.(there are english subtitles) You can take a bus bound for Kikuchi onsen(=spa, on the bus) from busstop 1, left at the east-exit of Kumamoto-station. The number on the bus is 北1 or 北3(=kita(=north) 1 or 3). I got off at the busterminal in Kikuchi center. The fee is 790yen. From there i took a taxi, but it i not that far(+/-3km) so i walked back to the busterminal. After the terminal the bus goes in the opposite direction of Kikuchicastle.