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There were two iterations of Kō-jin’ya at different sites. The first Kō-jin’ya was established in 1772 and used until 1787 by Tanuma Iitsugu, lord of Sagara Domain in Ōmi Province. This first jin’ya in Kō was also therefore called Tanuma-jin’ya, and was the administrative centre of a sub-fief valued at 57,000 koku (a lot for a jin’ya).

The second iteration of Kō-jin’ya was established in 1803 by Andō Nobunari, lord of Iwaki-Tairajō in Iwaki County, Mutsu Province (modern day Fukushima Prefecture). The lord of Iwaki-Taira Domain held 50,000 koku worth of territory in Mikawa, but Kō-jin’ya was a small sub-fief accounting for only about 10% of the Andō’s Mikawa holdings. Kō-jin’ya was staffed by a magistrate (bugyō), two deputies (daikan), two accountants, and four footmen (ashigaru) and dōshin (constables) each. This second, smaller Kō-jin’ya lasted until 1868 and the abolition of the feudal system; the site became a school in modern times.

Visit Notes

Kō-jin’ya is a jin’ya site(s) in the Kō Township of Toyokawa Municpality. There are two sites, in fact. I visited the later, longer-lasting site connected to Iwaki-Taira Domain (where, incidentally, I used to live (well, now it’s a municipality rather than a fiefdom)). The other, earlier, shorter-lasting site is also known as Tanuma-jin’ya after its lords and I didn’t go there. The site of the latter Kō-jin’ya is now temples, fields and housing. No ruins remain on site. However, at a nearby temple, Chōsenji, there is a genkan (entrance parlour) said to have been relocated from the jin’ya. Naturally my focus was on the temple with the extant genkan. It’s an elaborately decorated structure and the temple itself is also very fetching. Regrettably I could not find much information on the genkan.

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  • Jin'ya site today
  • Relocated genkan (entrance porch)

Castle Profile
English Name Mikawa Kou Jin'ya
Japanese Name 三河国府陣屋
Alternate Names Tanuma Jin'ya
Founder Tanuma Iitsugu; Andō Nobunari
Year Founded 1772; 1803
Castle Type Flatland
Castle Condition No main keep but other buildings
Historical Period Edo Period
Artifacts Genkan (relocated)
Features palace
Visitor Information
Access Kō Station on the Meitetsu-Nagoya Line; 5 minute walk
Visitor Information Temple: Chōsenji
Time Required 20 minutes
Location Toyokawa, Aichi Prefecture
Coordinates 34° 50' 9.92" N, 137° 19' 25.25" E
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Note: have prefixed this one as Mikawa because 'Kou', though an unusual reading, references the provincial capital, 国府, making it a very common name; for clarity, this is named for the Mikawa kokufu.