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Nakakgusuku Castle was built by Sakinakagusuku Aji in the mid 14th Century and expanded upon by Gosamaru in the early 15th Century. Gosamaru was moved to Nakagusuku by the king to check the rising power of Amawari Aji in Katsuren Castle. In 1458 the castle fell to attacks by Amawari the lord of Katsuren Castle. The castle is made up of 6 baileys, each of a different elevation. It is said that Commodore Perry was impressed by the strength of the castle and the engineering displayed in its construction.

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Castle Profile
English Name Nakagusuku Castle
Japanese Name 中城城
Founder Sakinakagusuku Aji
Year Founded mid 1300's
Castle Type Mountaintop
Castle Condition Ruins only
Designations Top 100 Castles, UNESCO World Heritage Site, National Historic Site
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Features stone walls
Visitor Information
Access 50 min by bus from Naha Bus Terminal; 5 min taxi
Visitor Information
Time Required
Website nak.html
Location Nakagusuku, Okinawa Prefecture
Coordinates 26° 17' 2.40" N, 127° 48' 5.18" E
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79 months ago
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To answer your question Eric, yes i visited today 2 other Okinawan castles. Nakagusukujô was first. Since the bus terminal is almost closed i took the bus #30 in front of the Ryubo department store. I told the busdriver where i was heading and he stopped at the busstop at 2 km from the site. The fee is 750¥. The site is nicely maintained and is bigger than I thought. At the admission counter you receive a leaflet in english and the indication panels are translated. Like all okinawan castles it is completely different from japanese ones, being built during the Ryukyu period.


80 months ago
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2km walk up hill from bus stop. Fantastic spot, great views, lots of walls. #30 Bus runs from bus stop B of Naha Bus terminal


141 months ago
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I was stationed on Okinawa from July 1967 to July 1969. My visits to Nakagusuku Castle are among my most memorable in Okinawa. I took a lot of photos of and from the walls and all visits were on gorgeous, blue-sky-weather days.