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Oda Nobunaga's second son, Nobukatsu was awarded the domain around Kanra in Gunma and the domain of Uda in Nara in 1617 for supporting the Tokugawa at the Siege of Osaka. He gave Kanra to his fourth son, Nobuyoshi, whose son Nobumasa started building the Jin'ya in 1629. The Jin'ya was finished in 1642. From 1767 the Matsudaira were given command of the Obata domain, and in 1851 Matsudaira Tadashige was promoted to a castle holding status, so Obata JIn'ya formally became Obata Castle (Obata-jo). The castle was dismantled by the Meiji Government in 1873.

Visit Notes

Obata Jin'ya is most famous for it's beautiful gardens. The surrounding castle town is also worth your time to walk around. You don't see many castle towns or palace gardens like this in the Kanto region making it a highly recommended destination.

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Castle Profile
English Name Obata Jin'ya
Japanese Name 小幡陣屋
Alternate Names Obata-jo
Founder Obata Nobumasa
Year Founded 1629-1642
Castle Type Flatland
Castle Condition No main keep but other buildings
Designations Prefectural Historic Site
Historical Period Edo Period
Features gates, samurai homes, trenches, stone walls, walls, castle town
Visitor Information
Access Joshu Fukushima Sta (Joshin Dentetsu Line), 45 mins walk or bus
Visitor Information 500 yen. open 9am-5pm from March to October and 9am-4pm from November to February. Closed Dec 29 to Jan 1.
Time Required 60 mins
Website http://www.town.kanra.gunma.jp/kanko/index.html
Location Kanra, Gunma Prefecture
Coordinates 36° 13' 42.06" N, 138° 54' 52.85" E
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