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The first castle on this site was founded by the Tsuchimochi clan during the Nanboku-cho Period, but it mostly comes into history from the mid 1400's. The Shimazu fortified this castle to prevent expansion into Obi by the Ito clan. It became a focal point of conflict between the Ito and Shimazu, but the Ito only managed to win it once in 1567. It was taken back by the Shimazu in 1572 and remained in their control until Hideyoshi's Kyushu campaigns in 1587. The Ito Clan, one of the first allies of Hideyoshi, were awarded Obi for their loyalty. The Ito started the development of the castle town. In 1686, Ito Sukezane began a major overhaul of the castle to fortify it against earthquakes and to rebuild it into a modern castle. The Ito Clan continued to rule until the Meiji Period.

Visit Notes

The Obi area of Nichinan is one of many self proclaimed little Kyoto's. It has some old samurai homes, temples, warehouses, museums etc that you can also enjoy on your visit to Obi to give you a feel for the Edo Period life.

  • Road to the Otemon
  • Otemon from behind
  • Path to the Obi Castle History Museum
  • old honmaru
  • Path up to the Matsuo no Maru
  • View of the elementary school on the grounds of the honmaru from the Matsuo no Maru
  • Obi Castle History Museum
  • Part of Yoshokan, the residence of the Ito family
  • North Gate
  • North Gate

Castle Profile
English Name Obi Castle
Japanese Name 飫肥城
Alternate Names Maizuru-jo
Founder Tsuchimochi clan
Year Founded 15th c.
Castle Type Hilltop
Castle Condition No main keep but other buildings
Designations Top 100 Castles, Local Historic Site
Historical Period Edo Period
Features gates, samurai homes, stone walls, walls, castle town
Visitor Information
Access Obi Sta. (Nichinan Line), 15 min walk
Visitor Information 600 yen; open 9:30-16:30; closed Dec 29-31;
Time Required
Location Nichinan, Miyazaki Prefecture
Coordinates 31° 37' 44.80" N, 131° 21' 1.08" E
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Anonymous user #1

one day 18 hours 44 minutes ago
Score 0 You

Thank you for this and all your other castle articles!

A reader in France


90 months ago
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A small, but very pleasant castle site, and a wonderful town around. When I was there (early August) there were hardly any people around, and most Japanese people seem hardly to have heard of this gem of a place.


135 months ago
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Obi city is a nice place to visit. For 600yen you have access to 7 buildings in the area of the castle. When the lady who sold me the ticket asked me if i came with a train, i showed her my JR-Pass. She deduced 100yen from the fee, because i came with the train. The grounds of the castle are interesting and the museum on the castleground have very nice artifacts. The Matsu no maru contains a very nice reconstructed nobleman's residence. If you have time try to spend certainly half a day in this little city.