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Okutono-jin'ya was established by Matsudaira Norizane in 1711 when he relocated from Ogyu Castle (Matsudaira Norimoto became a bannerman on 3,000 koku following the Osaka campaigns, and he is the progenitor of this feudal lineage, the Ôgyū-Matsudaira Clan, from deep in the heart of the ancestral homelands of the Matsudaira). Lord Norizane's holdings were valued at 16,000 koku. The Okutono-Matsudaira had more holdings in Shinano than Mikawa, and eventually would relocate the base of their main operations to the Tanokuchi Jin'ya in Saku County, Shinano Province; in 1863 Matsudaira Noritaka constructed the star-shaped Tatsuoka Castle and Okutono-jin'ya was decommissioned.

Visit Notes

Okutono-jin'ya is a jin'ya site in Okutono Township, Okazaki Municipality. It contains a shoin (palatial drawing room) from the Edo period. The shoin was actually located off-site when the jin'ya was decommissioned, and was used at a temple, with the jin'ya just being fields in the meantime, but from 1985 the jin'ya was restored, and the shoin was moved back. Other facilities such as a restaurant were built, and the jin'ya garden was restored.

It's hard to miss this site as there is a topiary or hedgerow spelling out the word 'ジンヤ (JIN'YA)' on the hillside. I've been twice. Behind the restored palatial area there are further remains of fortifications in the form of dorui (earthen ramparts). On the mountainside there are mausolea or cenotaphs of the former castle lords, as well as some ishigaki (stone-piled walls) with dobei (wattle and daub walls).

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Castle Profile
English Name Okutono Jin'ya
Japanese Name 奥殿陣屋
Founder Matsudaira Norizane
Year Founded 1711
Castle Type Flatland
Castle Condition No main keep but other buildings
Historical Period Edo Period
Artifacts Shoin, Dorui, Mausolea, &c.
Features gates, palace, stone walls, walls
Visitor Information
Access (JR) Okazaki Station on the Tōkaidō Main Line; bus to 'Okutono-jin'ya' (50 mins)
Visitor Information 9:30-16:30; Free; closed Mondays
Time Required 60 minutes
Website https://okazaki-kanko.jp/okutono-jinya/
Location Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture
Coordinates 35° 1' 44.26" N, 137° 11' 41.17" E
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