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Oshikamojō was originally constructed by the Oshikamo-Sakai Clan, and was the fortified residence of Sakai Dōen. However, Matsudaira Nobumitsu defeated the Oshikamo-Sakai in 1468, conquering the castle and installing his son, Chikamitsu, as castellan. Matsudaira Chikamitsu occupied and rebuilt Oshikamojō in 1468; it was a branch castle of Iwazujō under Matsudaira Nobumitsu. Founded by Matsudaira Chikamitsu, the Oshikamo-Matsudaira Clan formed one of the eighteen branch families of the Matsudaira Clan. Castellans of Oshikamojō subsequent to Chikamitsu were Chikayasu, Chikahisa and Tadahisa, the latter of which abandoned Oshikamojō in 1561 when he relocated to Nishiojō.

Visit Notes

Oshikamojō is a hirajiro (flatland castle) ruin in Oshikamo Township, Toyota Municipality, located just north-west of the Toyota Junction. Much of the castle ruins have been lost, but there is a stone marker for the site atop of what may have been dorui (earthen ramparts). The embankment has been clad in modern retaining walls, and this small corner plot of the fort's footprint is now maintained as a small park surrounded by fields.

  • Dorui

Castle Profile
English Name Oshikamo Castle
Japanese Name 鴛鴨城
Founder Sakai Dōen; Matsudaira Chikamitsu
Year Founded 15th century; 1468
Castle Type Flatland
Castle Condition Ruins only
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Artifacts Dorui
Visitor Information
Access Ekaku Station on the Aichi Loop Line; 10 minute walk
Visitor Information 24/7 free; park
Time Required 10 minutes
Website https://www.tourismtoyota.jp/spots/detail/2174/
Location Toyota, Aichi Prefecture
Coordinates 35° 1' 29.17" N, 137° 8' 34.01" E
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