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Shinshirokojō was built in 1532 by Suganuma Sadatsugu. It is so called to distinguish it from Shinshirojō, built in 1576 by Okudaira Nobumasa. Shinshirojō was so called because it replaced Nagashinojō. But Shinshirokojō was originally also referred to as ‘New Castle’, being Ishidashinjō. Shinshirokojō was involved in the 1562 Battle of Ishida between the Suganuma Clan and Imagawa Clan. The Sugunuma, led by Suganuma Sadauji, lord of Shinshirokojō / Ishidashinjō, and Sugunuma Sadakatsu, were victorious, defeating enemy commanders Suzuki Jinbei, Matsui Hyowemon, Inagaki Jūrōzaemon, and Kurakawa Yatarō. Suganuma Sadauji established a new base in 1570, abandoning Shinshirokojō.

See also: Shinshiro Castle and Ishida Castle (Mikawa)

Visit Notes

Shinshirokojō means ‘New Castle Old Castle’, making it one of the more identity-confused castles out there. The site today, located in the village of Ishida in Shinshiro Municipality, is fields on a river terrace. Modern housing encroaches. Some dorui (earthen ramparts) can still be found, though it’s not certain how long they’ll last. There is a small marker post for the castle. I followed a holler to the back of some fields. The site was quite overgrown. Whilst trying to get closer to what I took for dorui, I was surprised by my first encounter with the ‘Blue General’, aodaishō, Japan’s large species of snake. The animal grows up to two metres in length, and, as I could judge, this particular Japanese rat snake was close to being full sized. Although the snake is pretty harmless, its size and bluish glint can give one quite the shock. I whooped like a chimp as we put distance between each other. And then hollered one more time for good measure as the beast slithered out of sight. There wasn’t much to see of castle ruins but I got to add another creature to my list of sightings; gotta catch ‘em all!

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Castle Profile
English Name Shinshiroko Castle
Japanese Name 新城古城
Alternate Names Ishidashinjō
Founder Suganuma Sadatsugu
Year Founded 1532
Castle Type Flatland
Castle Condition Ruins only
Designations Local Historic Site
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Artifacts Dorui
Visitor Information
Access Shinshiro Station on the Iida Line; 15 minute walk
Visitor Information 24/7; Free; Fields
Time Required 10 minutes
Location Shinshiro, Aichi Prefecture
Coordinates 34° 53' 35.77" N, 137° 29' 40.42" E
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