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Takane Castle was built by the local rulers, the Okuyama clan, in 1414. The Okuyama made it their main castle as their family gained power in the region and ruled until 1570 when it was taken over by the Takeda. It was one of the focal points for Takeda Shingen to secure the Totomi area. It was also an important location to control transportation as it watches over 2 important roads. The castle was abandoned after Tokugawa Ieyasu took control of the area away from the Takeda.

The excavation and reconstruction of this site has been one of the most important studies of Sengoku Period mountaintop castles conducted. It revealed the nearly complete layout of the castle as well as the paths through it. It was reconstructed from 1994-1999. Takane Castle is a bit difficult to get to, but well worth the trip for any castle fan.

Visit Notes

There are only 9 trains per day out of Toyohashi that go to Mukaichiba Station so plan accordingly. This is a fantastic reconstruction of a Sengoku Period mountaintop castle. There are very few such reconstructions so it is highly recommended for any castles fans, especially if you're interested in this kind of early period castle. Also refer to Arato Castle for a similar mountaintop castle.

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  • honkuruwa bailey and seiroyagura tower
  • seiroyagura, storehouse and walls
  • seiroyagura, walls and view of the valley
  • gate and baileys
  • second and third baileys.
  • horikiri
  • baileys, nice view
  • double horikiri and baileys
  • inside the bailey
  • baileys, mountaintop
  • gate and baileys
  • view from the main gate
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Castle Profile
English Name Takane Castle
Japanese Name 高根城
Alternate Names Kuzugo-jo
Founder Okuyama clan
Year Founded around 1414
Castle Type Mountaintop
Castle Condition No main keep but other buildings
Designations Local Historic Site
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Year Reconstructed 1999
Features gates, turrets, trenches, walls
Visitor Information
Access Mukaichiba Sta. (Iida Line); 30 min walk
Visitor Information
Time Required
Website http://www.city.hamamatsu.shizuoka.jp/square/intro/bunkazai/shitei/misakubo/misakubo/takane.html
Location Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture
Coordinates 35° 8' 58.74" N, 137° 52' 2.28" E
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122 months ago
Score 1++
This is a site like i love them. Real sengokujidai stuff. It is really a nice reconstruction and being a Takeda Shingen-fan, i couldn't let it on the side. Going from Mukaichiba-station to the site is very easy. It's only 1km, but as it is a mountaintop castle, it's almost a continuing climb. For the ones looking for big keeps, don't go. For the ones looking for effective 'in battle-used castles', go go go.

Anonymous user #1

138 months ago
Score 0++
This fort is a little off the beaten track, but well worth the visit, The area is full of castle ruins for anyone who is able to spend a few days in the Hamamatsu area. The views across the valley are glorious, the unusual ground work and simple reconstruction of the fort make it a must for any serious castle fan.