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My Castle Adventures
Why I'm interested in Japanese castles

I'm mainly interested in the strategic design of all castles including how they make use of the terrain and then add trenches, gates, walls etc to fortify the castle.

My Favorite Castles

Marugame Castle and Takatori Castle are probably tops for me. I would have loved to live in one of them in their prime.

Favorite Samurai

Sanada Masayuki, Todo Takatora

Favorite Area of Japan

Nagano and maybe Gifu or Hyogo. They have nice mountains and lots of castles

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posted 1284 days ago


It looks like I missed your first reply....

Thanks for permission. I will try to visit one castle per month and operate there....but Covid19 has added some complications. The first article was about Sonobe castle and the next one is about Fukuchiyama castle. I would like to take a quick break and talk about planning and preparing for portable ham radio operation, and want to talk about Jcastles and how much information you can get for your planning. I really like the site!

Thanks again, and be safe...


posted 1284 days ago

Hi Eric,

I operate ham radio from castle sites in the Kansai area and then write an article about it on a ham radio website. I would like to introduce Jcastle to the readers, and include a link to your site. I hope this will be OK and would like to discuss this with you.



posted 2553 days ago

Thanks Eric, nice work. I saw the difference when you click on the thumbnail or on the little grey square next to it. The strange thing is that when you click on a thumbnail of a vertical photo, the picture appears on its side, but if you click on the grey square it appears normal(vertical). When i uploaded them they all appeared like they should, vertically. I'm puzzeled about that, but i told you i had the same problem on my computer: in one program they are OK and in another they are on their side.

posted 2554 days ago

Hello Eric, I now published the page for Asukejô and uploaded a lot of photos of that castle. I hope i don't overwhelm you with these? I saw that my grade changed to Gunnery sergeant. Strange for medieval Japan. I suggest that daimyô should be more suitable. I think it was the rank between shôgun and hatamoto. In my publications of Torigoejô and Asukejô i saw that the 2 links to the websites aren't separated. So when you click on them you get an error message. The link on your homepage to the original castles is broken(or not finished yet?)

Thank you again for your efforts to make this site very entertaining. Kind regards, Paul

posted 2558 days ago

Hello Eric, I published the data of Torigoe castle. I'll send the photos later. I'll have a busy weekend from now, so i'll publish the data for Futoge castle and Asuke castle also later. I'll see how i will handle the photos. Kind regards, Paul