ART's Visited Castles

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Castle Date Comment
Aizu Wakamatsu Castle
Akashi Castle
Akita Castle
Ako Castle
Akozu Castle
Amagasaki Castle
Ashikagashi Yakata
Azuchi Castle
Chiba Castle
Echizen Katsuyama Castle
Echizen Ohno Castle
Edo Castle
Fukushima Castle
Fukuyama Castle
Funehiki Castle
Fushimi Castle
Futamata Castle
Gifu Castle
Hachigata Castle
Hamamatsu Castle
Hanakuma Castle
Hikone Castle
Himeji Castle
Hiroshima Castle
Ichinomiya Castle
Iga Ueno Castle
Ikeda Castle
Imabari Castle
Inaniwa Castle
Inatsuke Castle
Inawashiro Castle
Inuyama Castle
Ishigakiyama Ichiya Castle
Itami Castle
Iwakitaira Castle
Iwamura Castle
Iwasaki Castle
Iyo Matsuyama Castle
Izumi Jin'ya
Kakegawa Castle
Kakunodate Castle
Kameda Castle
Kameyama Castle
Kaminoyama Castle
Kamitohno Castle
Kanayama Castle
Kanazawa Castle
Kannonji Castle
Kanou Castle
Kasama Castle
Kashiwara Castle
Kawagoe Castle
Kawanoe Castle
Kawashima Castle
Kisai Castle
Kishiwada Castle
Kiyosu Castle
Kochi Castle
Kofu Castle
Komaki Castle
Komoro Castle
Kubota Castle
Kururi Castle
Kuwana Castle
Marugame Castle
Maruoka Castle
Matsumoto Castle
Matsusaka Castle
Matsuyama Castle (Saitama)
Miharu Castle
Minakuchi Castle
Mito Castle
Morioka Castle
Motosakura Castle
Murakami Castle
Mutsu Obama Castle
Naegi Castle
Nagahama Castle
Nagoya Castle
Nanbata Castle
Nihonmatsu Castle
Nijo Castle
Nishio Castle
Oda Castle
Odawara Castle
Ogaki Castle
Ogoe Castle
Okayama Castle
Okazaki Castle
Omi Hachiman Castle
Osaka Castle
Oshi Castle
Otaki Castle
Ozu Castle
Saimyoji Castle
Sakasai Castle
Sakura Castle
Sekiyado Castle
Sendai Castle
Shibata Castle
Shigiyama Castle
Shinagawa Battery Islands
Shirakawa Castle
Shiroishi Castle
Shishido Jin'ya
Shiwa Castle
Shoryuji Castle
Soma Nakamura Castle
Sukegawakaibou Castle
Sumoto Castle
Sunomata Castle
Sunpu Castle
Suwahara Castle
Taga Castle
Takamatsu Castle
Takaoka Castle
Takasaki Castle
Takashima Castle
Takatsuki Castle
Takeda Castle
Takijiri Castle
Tamaru Castle
Tanaka Castle
Tanba Kameyama Castle
Tatebayashi Castle
Tateyama Castle
Tatsugoyama Castle
Tatsuno Castle
Tenjinyama Castle
Toba Castle
Tobayama Castle
Tobiyama Castle
Tojo Castle
Tokiwa Castle
Tokushima Castle
Toyama Castle
Tsu Castle
Tsuchiura Castle
Ueda Castle
Utsunomiya Castle
Uwajima Castle
Wakayama Castle
Yamagata Castle
Yamato Koriyama Castle
Yamazaki Castle
Yashima Castle
Yodo Castle
Yokote Castle
Yonezawa Castle
Yoshida Castle
Yunagaya Jin'ya
Yuzawa Castle
Yuzuki Castle
Zeze Castle
Sonobe Castle
Kogane Castle
Fukuchiyama Castle
Tanabe Castle
Fukui Castle
Ichijodani Castle
Kitanosho Castle
Nasu Kanda Castle
Karasuyama Castle
Kurobane Castle
Otawara Castle
Karasawayama Castle
Sano Castle
Asonuma Castle
Minagawa Castle
Tochigi Castle
Iino-Taira Castle
Bitchu Matsuyama Castle
Mihara Castle
Kamei Castle
Innoshima Suigun castle
Niwase Castle
Natsukawa Castle
Ishigami Castle
Koibuchi Castle
Obara Castle
Kawawada Castle
Mikawa Castle
Ushiku Castle
Torinji Castle
Moriya Castle
Takai Castle
Musashi Masugatayama Castle
Isawa Castle
Kanegasaki Castle
Hanamaki Castle
Mutsu Iwasaki Castle
Mizusawa Castle
Mibu Castle
Gion Castle
Minowa Castle
Suginome Castle
Hakusan Castle
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