Bryanbaier's Visited Castles


Castle Date Comment
Bitchu Matsuyama Castle Really cool. Definitely worth the hike
Fukui Castle Only a couple of walls and a part of the moat remain. The rest of the grounds have been taken over by the prefectural government buildings. If you have a long stop over in Fukui than it is way better than waiting around on the platform for your next train, otherwise don't go out of your way for it
Futamata Castle Small, not much to see besides the tenshu dai but it's interesting
Hamamatsu Castle Small, not that authentic but a great place to enjoy Japanese gardens and sakura
Hikone Castle Awesome castle. Not much inside but gorgeous from the outside. The grounds and garden are also excellent
Hiroshima Castle Worth going to see but it is very modern on the inside
Inuyama Castle Great castle and a great place to view the sakura.
Iwakuni Castle Come for Kintaikyo Bridge, come up the mountain to this castle to see the bridge and the river from above
Kakegawa Castle Hard to believe that it's a reconstruction but it is and a very good one. The hall is way cool. The tea ceremony is nice too.
Kanazawa Castle The grounds are nice but only the main gate is original. A nice thing to see in conjunction with Kenrokuen
Kumamoto Castle The extensive stone walls of this castle are amazing and the original turrets are incredible. The tower may be a reconstruction but that in no way detracts from the experience. In Kumamoto? Go!
Marugame Castle The tower is very small and has few artifacts but the rock walls and the view are awesome.
Maruoka Castle Small but don't forget it is the oldest in Japan and 80% of it is original.
Matsue Castle This and Matsumoto Castle are tied for first place in my opinion. This was the first original castle I visited so I was really blown away by how amazing this castle is.
Matsumoto Castle This was the first original castle I visited. It's tied with Matsue in my mind for first place.
Matsuyama Castle (Saitama)
Nagoya Castle
Nijo Castle
Ogaki Castle
Okayama Castle
Sunpu Castle
Takane Castle
Takato Castle
Takeda Castle This is my favorite of all castles. The location and the condition are spectacular. Go, have a picnic, and enjoy the Machu Pichu of Japan
Tottori Castle
Yonago Castle
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