Eric's Visited Castles

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Castle Date Comment
Aizu Wakamatsu Castle
Akashi Castle
Akutagawasan Castle
Amagasaki Castle
Ansho Castle
Aoyagi Castle
Aoyama Castle
Arato Castle
Arikoyama Castle
Asaba Castle
Ashigara Castle
Ashikagashi Yakata
Azuchi Castle
Bitchu Matsuyama Castle
Chiba Castle
Chigasaki Castle
Edo Castle
Fujihashi Castle (Tokyo)
Fukazawa Castle
Fukui Castle
Fukuyama Castle
Gassan Toda Castle
Gifu Castle
Gobara Castle
Gokan Castle
Goryokaku Fort
Gujo Hachiman Castle
Hachigata Castle
Hachinohe Castle
Hachioji Castle
Hagi Castle
Haibara Castle
Hakusan Castle
Hamada Castle
Hamamatsu Castle
Hayashikojo Castle
Hayashiohjo Castle
Hikone Castle
Himeji Castle
Hirosaki Castle
Hiroshima Castle
Ibaraki Castle
Iga Ueno Castle
Ikeda Castle
Imabari Castle
Imai Castle
Inatsuke Castle
Inawashiro Castle
Inukai Castle
Inuyama Castle
Ishigakiyama Ichiya Castle
Itami Castle
Iwabitsu Castle
Iwakuni Castle
Iwamura Castle
Iwatsuki Castle
Iyo Matsuyama Castle
Izu Nagahama Castle
Izushi Castle
Jindaiji Castle
Jofukuji Castle
Kaiden Castle
Kakegawa Castle
Kakunodate Castle
Kaminoyama Castle
Kanaiyama Castle
Kanayama Castle
Kanazawa Castle
Kannonji Castle
Karasawayama Castle
Karasuyama Castle
Kasama Castle
Kasugayama Castle
Kasumi Castle
Katakura Castle
Katsunuma Castle
Kawagoe Castle
Kawamura Castle
Kazurayama Castle
Kirihara Castle
Kishiwada Castle
Kitanosho Castle
Kiyosu Castle
Kochi Castle
Kofu Castle
Kogane Castle
Kokokuji Castle
Komaki Castle
Komoro Castle
Konosumiyama Castle
Koshigoe Castle
Kozukue Castle
Kuma Castle
Kunohe Castle
Kururi Castle
Kuwabara Castle
Maebashi Castle
Mariko Castle
Marugame Castle
Maruoka Castle
Masuo Castle
Matsue Castle
Matsumoto Castle
Matsuo Castle
Matsusaka Castle
Matsushiro Castle
Matsuyama Castle (Saitama)
Minagawa Castle
Minowa Castle
Mito Castle
Morioka Castle
Moroto Castle
Motosakura Castle
Mumo Castle
Murakami Castle
Naegi Castle
Nagahama Castle
Nagakubo Castle
Nagashino Castle
Nagoya Castle
Nagurumi Castle
Naka Castle
Nanao Castle
Nasu Kanda Castle
Ne Castle
Nihonmatsu Castle
Nijo Castle
Nirayama Castle
Nishio Castle
Numata Castle
Obata Castle
Obata Jin'ya
Obiki Castle
Oda Castle
Odani Castle
Odano Castle
Odawara Castle
Ogaki Castle
Ogawa Castle
Ogimachi Castle
Ogura Castle
Ojima Jin'ya
Okayama Castle
Okazaki Castle
Okkoshi Castle
Omi Hachiman Castle
Onabuchi Castle
Oogo Castle
Ori Castle
Osaka Castle
Oshi Castle
Otaki Castle
Oyama Castle
Ozu Castle
Sakasai Castle
Sakata Castle
Sakura Castle
Sanada Palace
Sanadahonjo Castle
Sano Castle
Sasao Castle
Sekiyado Castle
Sendai Castle
Senpuku Castle
Setagaya Castle
Shakujii Castle
Shibata Castle
Shigiyama Castle
Shinagawa Battery Islands
Shinpu Castle
Shirakawa Castle
Shiroishi Castle
Shishiku Castle
Shiwa Castle
Shoryuji Castle
Sugaya Yakata
Sugiyama Castle
Sunpu Castle
Suwahara Castle
Taga Castle
Takada Castle (Niigata)
Takamatsu Castle
Takane Castle
Takasaki Castle
Takashima Castle
Takatenjin Castle
Takato Castle
Takatori Castle
Takatsuki Castle
Takayama Jin'ya
Takeda Castle
Taki Castle
Takiyama Castle
Tamaru Castle
Tanaka Castle
Tanba Kameyama Castle
Tatebayashi Castle
Tateyama Castle
Tatsuno Castle
Tatsuoka Castle
Tenpaku Castle
Tobiyama Castle
Toishi Castle
Tokura Castle
Toyooka Castle
Toyooka JInya
Tsu Castle
Tsuchiura Castle
Tsukui Castle
Tsumagi Castle
Tsutsujigasaki Palace
Tsuwano Castle
Uda Matsuyama Castle
Ueda Castle
Uehara Castle
Usui Castle
Usuida Shukuuchi Fort
Utsunomiya Castle
Uwajima Castle
Wakayama Castle
Washio Castle
Yagi Castle
Yamabe Castle
Yamagami Castle
Yamagata Castle
Yamanaka Castle
Yamato Koriyama Castle
Yato Castle
Yodo Castle
Yogaisan Castle
Yokosuka Castle
Yonago Castle
Yoshida Castle
Yuzuki Castle
Zen Castle
Hirai Castle
Hirai Kanayama Castle
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