Etienne21's Visited Castles


Castle Date Comment
Akashi Castle
Ako Castle
Arato Castle
Azuchi Castle
Bitchu Matsuyama Castle
Chihaya Castle
Echizen Katsuyama Castle
Echizen Ohno Castle
Edo Castle
Fukuchiyama Castle
Fukuyama Castle
Fushimi Castle
Gassan Toda Castle
Gifu Castle
Gujo Hachiman Castle
Hachioji Castle
Hamamatsu Castle
Hikone Castle
Himeji Castle
Hirosaki Castle
Hiroshima Castle
Ichijodani Castle
Iga Ueno Castle
Imabari Castle
Inuyama Castle
Iwamura Castle
Iwasaki Castle
Iyo Matsuyama Castle
Kakegawa Castle
Kakunodate Castle
Kameyama Castle
Kanazawa Castle
Kannonji Castle
Kanou Castle
Kasugayama Castle
Kawagoe Castle
Kiyosu Castle
Kochi Castle
Kofu Castle
Komaki Castle
Komoro Castle
Kubota Castle
Kuwana Castle
Marugame Castle
Maruoka Castle
Matsue Castle
Matsumoto Castle
Matsusaka Castle
Matsushiro Castle
Morioka Castle
Murakami Castle
Naegi Castle
Nagahama Castle
Nagashino Castle
Nagoya Castle
Nanao Castle
Ne Castle
Nijo Castle
Nishio Castle
Odani Castle
Odawara Castle
Ogaki Castle
Okayama Castle
Okazaki Castle
Omi Hachiman Castle
Ori Castle
Osaka Castle
Ozu Castle
Sasayama Castle
Shibata Castle
Shinagawa Battery Islands
Shiwa Castle
Sumoto Castle
Sunomata Castle
Sunpu Castle
Takada Castle (Niigata)
Takamatsu Castle
Takaoka Castle
Takashima Castle
Takato Castle
Takatori Castle
Takayama Castle
Takayama Jin'ya
Takeda Castle
Tamaru Castle
Tojo Castle
Tokushima Castle
Tottori Castle
Tsu Castle
Tsumagi Castle
Tsumago Castle
Tsutsujigasaki Palace
Tsuyama Castle
Ueda Castle
Uwajima Castle
Wakayama Castle
Yamanaka Castle
Yamato Koriyama Castle
Yoshida Castle
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