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Castle Date Comment
Aizu Wakamatsu Castle To date I've been to Aizu 4 times and it still impresses me no end , especially when someone explains the history surrounding it.
Akashi Castle The little castle that should be. I wish that this could be restored as the area that is park now would look great with a castle behind those great walls.
Bitchu Matsuyama Castle A great day out, lots of repair work happening at the back of this castle. Very nice castle.
Chiba Castle Looked good, but closed on the day I arrived.
Edo Castle
Fukuchiyama Castle Great location, snapped an amazing photo from my hotel on a wet misty day.
Fukui Castle Impressive walls
Fukuoka Castle Liked this immensely, huge area which would have looked impressive in its day.
Fukuyama Castle Passed this a few times finally stopped to see it.
Gifu Castle Quite a hike if you walk up to it, taking the gondola up is sensible, the walk down is tough, fantastic views.
Hagi Castle Location is everything , this is one of a few castles I wish were more than walls and moats.
Hamamatsu Castle At the time of my visit a lot of running repairs was being carried out to various walls. Interesting little castle, but more could be done to make it interesting.
Hikone Castle This is an outstanding castle and garden , the entry through those first gates after you leave the station is insane.
Himeji Castle Considered the best in Japan , definitely one that must be visited by all visitors to Japan.
Hirosaki Castle Finally made it to see it. But they had moved it 78 metres so they could repair the wall it stood on. No mean feat , it still looked great and the sakura were only a day or so away , some had shown already. Worth the trip.
Hiroshima Castle Just one corner of the original area is home to the castle, surrounded by a large moat. Found it by accident, had no idea that there was a castle in Hiroshima.
Iga Ueno Castle This castle is well worth the trip to get there, and the ninja display and museum is a must see.
Ikeda Castle Very hard to locate as it is on a hillside set in a small park amongst lots of high rise buildings. Beautiful garden with great view to Osaka.
Imabari Castle First saw this at night and was very impressed , especially with the waterfront so close. Came back the next day and was still impressed what with its own temples on the grounds and the views.
Inuyama Castle An early castle on my list, it didn't disappoint , will go back at another time and season.
Ishigakiyama Ichiya Castle Boy what a ride this was, magnificent view. Had there been a castle at this site it would have had the best view in Japan.
Iwakuni Castle One of the first castles I visited, blown away by its location and then there was the bridge and the remnants of the town below the castle.
Iyo Matsuyama Castle Spectacular on a grand scale. Spent half a day here just walking taking photos as the light changed , one of my favorites.
Kakegawa Castle Great looking little castle and the premises below were excellent.
Kakunodate Castle The streets were starting to be covered by Sakura which made the visit worthwhile. The Samurai houses were very interesting but very crowded due to the beginning of Hanami.
Kanazawa Castle Have made three trips to Kanazawa and every time something new is started or finished at Kanazawa-jo.
Kishiwada Castle Had no idea this castle existed, only found it on my way into Osaka as I had got lost. The thing that stands out is the chinese style garden at the front. Looking down onto it from the castle makes all the more impressive.
Kitsuki Castle Small but in a great location , a bonus is the Buke Yashiki area nearby.
Kiyosu Castle Spotted this castle only because of the large groups of walkers turning off , so I followed and found a lovely (for a new) castle , even had some celebrities dressed as a Daimyo and wife for free photo ops. Ended the day at Ogaki castle.
Kochi Castle Great castle and grounds. Highlight of the trip was the guys pruning the trees, they climbed around like monkeys and did such an incredible job. Many visitors on the day I visited.
Kokura Castle Missed this on a number of occasions, wasn't disappointed as it has a commanding view of the city surrounding it.
Kumamoto Castle Impressive is the only word to describe it. Imagine if all of the original buildings existed today, what a sight.
Marugame Castle The legs got a work out climbing up to this castle and then working my way around.
Maruoka Castle Thought I'd miss this castle , but stumbled on it by accident , well worth the visit.
Matsue Castle Fantastic castle , great people who run it. On the I turned up a lady who spoke English was called upon to guide me around.
Matsumoto Castle My personal opinion , is that is the best castle in Japan. After seven trips to Japan I have visited it four times and I probably will get there this trip. Awe inspiring location.
Matsusaka Castle Impressive walls, great little museum on site and the houses nearby of the castle guards were well worth the visit.
Nagahama Castle Making my way down Biwa-ko this loomed up in front of me. I had no idea it existed , so it was a pleasant way to spend an hour or two with all the other visitors.
Nagoya Castle Made it to Nagoya in 2007 then again in 2016. The new additions make it all the more impressive , I draw comparisons with Kumamoto now.
Nakatsu Castle Terrific castle with a great position , it was Sakura time when I arrived so that added to the ambience of the castle and the surrounding streets and temples.
Nihonmatsu Castle Just wished I had more time , so much has been added and much more being repaired. The Honmaru walls are complete and very impressive with spectacular 360 views.
Nijo Castle Liked it very much more like a palace than a castle/fort.
Odawara Castle Just as impressive a second visit, with time spent checking out local area and "one night Castle" as well.
Ogaki Castle The visit to the castle was made all the more pleasant because it was the day Ogaki city held it's matsuri and the streets were lined with stalls and the castle was just one place where people congregated.
Okayama Castle A standout castle just for the color and the view to the park across the river , both are a must see.
Okazaki Castle Excellent park and the main entrance was very impressive, liked the castle immensely.
Osaka Castle Impressive is the word for this castle and its location.
Oshi Castle Small castle with a museum , closed the day I was there. Worth the visit for me as I was riding through the area.
Oyama Castle Used google maps to get here, easiest entry is via the temple at the bottom. Amazing little castle.
Ozu Castle What an incredible job done to rebuild this. The displays inside alone were a wealth of knowledge , I had no real idea how these castles were constructed till I came here.
Sakasai Castle Cycling anticlockwise from Tokyo to niigata and down to Kyoto will allow me to pick up a few castles that I normally would not get to. This was one of those, combined with the cherry blossoms and preparations for hanami it took on a whole new look. Well worth the trip, just hope the rest I want to see will yield as good photo opportunities .
Sakura Castle Not a lot to see , but the Museum of Japan history on the grounds is a must see.
Sasayama Castle Magnificent walls but not much left to see, camped nearby without knowing it was so close.
Shibata Castle For the size of what is there and the moated wall it is very impressive, also the locals on hand had English paper to explain the history of it. Another nice detour.
Shimabara Castle Not the easiest to get to by public transport but worth the trip.
Shirakawa Castle Would have liked to see inside but it was blocked off till works on retaining walls are finished. Still a very impressive sight.
Sunpu Castle Not a lot to see but enjoyed what was there.
Takada Castle (Niigata) Another I had missed previously, Sakura were out and the place had a fresh cover of green it was worth the detour.
Takamatsu Castle New construction was going on while I was there and the photo displays of what the new works will look like were impressive . Another of the ocean fronting castles that impressed me.
Tateyama Castle Well worth the visit, lovely position with fantastic views. Concrete reconstruction .
Tokushima Castle Made it back here for a better look at the grounds, museum and gate. To really appreciate the size of this castle area you need to ride around the perimeter.
Tottori Castle Shame there is so little left to see.
Toyama Castle A nice location easily accessed. But there is only so many concrete castles that impress. It is ok.
Tsuchiura Castle Small, well maintained sadly not a lot to see.
Utsunomiya Castle Interesting , shame more wasn't constructed.
Uwajima Castle Could not believe how well this was reproduced , along with the static displays this was a great day out , then there was the backstreets and the houses to photograph.
Wakayama Castle Good display inside of the reconstruction of this castle.
Yamagata Castle Not a lot to see , but still worth the visit after having made a trip to nearby Yamadera temples.
Yoshida Castle Another castle with a great location shame it was never rebuilt.
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