Lidiamq's Visited Castles


Castle Date Comment
Fukuoka Castle Ruins
Himeji Castle 2001. I can't barely remember the surroundings and all the characteristics but since it was my first castle I have a very fond memory of it.
Inuyama Castle 2015 July. Very crowded. Not that spectacular
Kanazawa Castle There's no castle but still some of the building that have been reconstructed. It is a very nice place to be when the cherry trees in flower
Matsue Castle The perfect castle not only because of the ascent to it but also because it's very beautiful inside and the surroundings as well. Very impressive
Matsumoto Castle A very beautiful castle very impressive structure. I went April 2015 but the trees weren't blossomed so it wasn't as spectacular as It seems.
Nagoya Castle July 2015 we didn't like it very much.
Osaka Castle 2001. Too crowded. very modern
Shuri Castle Astonishing because it is a very different castle from the main islands and the colours are powerful, a magnificent glimpse of a lost empire.
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