Oldmanyama's Visited Castles

Background: Just an old soul visiting Japan's castles whenever life circumstances permit.

Castle Date Comment
Osaka Castle 03/12/2013 #1 My first Japanese castle visit. I worked very briefly in Japan during this time.
Kakegawa Castle 29/10/2016 #2 Nice little castle on a small hill.
Kanazawa Castle 02/11/2016 #3 Beautiful town with lovely gardens and spacious castle grounds.
Matsumoto Castle 07/11/2016 #4 Spectacular tenshu.
Hirosaki Castle 09/11/2016 #5 Main keep was detached and moved for repair. Vivid autumn leaves and an unexpected snowfall still made it unforgettable.
Hikone Castle 10/11/2016 #6 Magnificent castle, especially walls and tenshu.
Inuyama Castle 11/11/2016 #7 Lovely castle in lovely town, nice views from the top of the tenshu.
Nagoya Castle 11/11/2016 #8 Large rebuilt castle. The palaces are beautiful.
Aizu Wakamatsu Castle 13/11/2016 #9 Large tenshu, beautiful surroundings, especially in autumn.
Ueda Castle 14/11/2016 #10 The gate between the two yagura is seriously impressive.
Komoro Castle 14/11/2016 #11 Lovely castle ruins and park. Tenshu foundation still remains.
Odawara Castle 16/11/2016 #12 Nothing like what it used to be in the Sengoku era, but still majestic in its own way.
Kochi Castle 04/11/2017 #13 Lots of original structures makes this one of the great Japanese castle sites to visit.
Uwajima Castle 05/11/2017 #14 So much to see here despite the grounds not being very large.
Maruoka Castle 07/11/2017 #15 Long walk from the train station but this small castle is still worth it.
Nijo Castle 08/11/2017 #16 Magnificent, but a shame it's so damned crowded!
Imabari Castle 09/11/2017 #17 Tenshu, some yagura and a tidal moat. What more could you want!
Iyo Matsuyama Castle 09/11/2017 #18 My favourite castle of all. The stone walls are extensive and the on-foot approach up the hill is worth the effort.
Okayama Castle 11/11/2017 #19 The most evocative tenshu I've ever seen.
Bitchu Matsuyama Castle 11/11/2017 #20 Spectacular walk to a mountain castle with amazing walls. Very rewarding.
Matsue Castle 12/11/2017 #21 Small but still packed with interesting features.
Takeda Castle 13/11/2017 #22 Majestic castle ruins, very well maintained. Views are fantastic.
Himeji Castle 13/11/2017 #23 What more can be said about this jewel?
Tottori Castle 15/11/2017 #24 Lovely mountain castle ruins. Can see the coastal sand dunes on a clear day.
Marugame Castle 16/11/2017 #25 One of my favourites, a real castle-fan's castle.
Wakayama Castle 17/11/2017 #26 Lovely castle indeed. Enjoyed the displays inside the tenshu.
Shimabara Castle 18/11/2017 #27 Well the car park can *** right off, but there is still much of interest here.
Iwakuni Castle 19/11/2017 #28 Small castle on a hill overlooking a famous bridge.
Hiroshima Castle 19/11/2017 #29 Enjoyed the museum inside, and the structures around, the tenshu.
Kumamoto Castle 21/11/2017 #30 Even not long after the earthquake, this was worth a visit. So many yagura.
Shuri Castle 24/11/2017 #31 Glad I got to see it before the tragic fire.
Karatsu Castle 25/11/2017 #32 Most impressive feature are the views from the top.
Kubota Castle 23/10/2018 #33 Interesting little site, some unique features.
Matsumae Castle 24/10/2018 #34 A late-Edo era castle in Hokkaido! Worth a visit.
Nihonmatsu Castle 28/10/2018 #35 I spent a spectacular morning here among the chrysanthemums and graceful stone walls.
Shirakawa Castle 28/10/2018 #36 Nice reconstruction.
Sunpu Castle 31/10/2018 #37 Definitely worth exploring if you're in the area.
Yoshida Castle 31/10/2018 #38 The stone walls are pretty impressive.
Hamamatsu Castle 31/10/2018 #39 Seeing how the stones are arranged in the walls was the highlight for me.
Shiroishi Castle 01/11/2018 #40 Impressive little castle.
Gifu Castle 02/11/2018 #41 Walked from train station to the top, and thankfully the views were worth it.
Yamagata Castle 04/11/2018 #42 Nice reconstructions here, but almost seems like a 1:1 model was built and placed in an empty park.
Takada Castle (Niigata) 05/11/2018 #43 Apart from reconstructed keep, there is a large park and moat filled with lily pads.
Iwamura Castle 07/11/2018 #44 These ruins and the surrounding town make for a wonderful day trip. Many castle structures remain visible.
Kanayama Castle 10/11/2018 #45 Including the nearby hiking trails, yet another wonderful way to spend a day.
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