Rebolforces's Visited Castles

Background: I travel to Japan every couple of years and try to catch a few castles each time. Makes a good excuse to get out of the main cities. Maybe one day I will have a stamp from each of the top 100.

Castle Date Comment
Aizu Wakamatsu Castle Good multilingual museum display inside.
Akashi Castle Park ok, close to station. More of a facade than a castle.
Ako Castle
Azuchi Castle
Bitchu Matsuyama Castle
Chihaya Castle
Edo Castle
Fukui Castle
Fukuoka Castle
Fukuyama Castle
Funai Castle
Gassan Toda Castle
Gifu Castle
Goryokaku Fort Palace/Administration buildings reconstructed in 2010. Enormous, 20+ tatami rooms
Hagi Castle
Hikone Castle
Himeji Castle Returned again after restoration. Windy & raining, didn't feel like battling the crowds, so took pictures from 5th floor roof top, where covered street walkway ends. Good zoom helps, but straight on from this position is not the most flattering angle. But I've still good shots from previous visits.
Hirosaki Castle
Hiroshima Castle
Hitoyoshi Castle
Ichijodani Castle
Iga Ueno Castle
Imabari Castle
Inuyama Castle Second time at this castle, this time made sure I got to the 2 other museums down the road opposite, that were included in the ticket price. Love the walk from the station along the river with the castle perched on the hill over looking your progress
Iwakuni Castle
Iyo Matsuyama Castle A lot of stone, curved and sloped walls. Being on a plateau above the town and sea the views are worth the trip on a clear day. Walk, Chairlift or Ropeway gondalla to the top of the hill.
Kagoshima Castle
Kakegawa Castle
Kanazawa Castle Combined with Kenrokuen, this is a must see. They are constantly researching and rebuilding using old techniques
Kannonji Castle
Kasugayama Castle
Kawagoe Castle
Kishiwada Castle Worst castle inside, 300yen for what? Looks good from outside though. Felt sorry for the poor monkey in the cage
Kochi Castle
Kofu Castle
Kokura Castle
Komoro Castle The gardens behind were in full cherry blossom bloom. Was a beautiful place to visit
Kubota Castle
Kumamoto Castle Saw it light up at night and also got pics during the day. The palace reconstruction is amazing. Lacquered room with gold.
Marugame Castle
Maruoka Castle
Matsue Castle
Matsumae Castle
Matsumoto Castle Fabulous looking castle. Got photo taken outside with guy in samurai amour and got to hold the swords. Also was interviewed by NHK for a castle special.
Matsusaka Castle
Matsushiro Castle Nice ruins with good views in most directions. Amazing locals drove me around town to see the other sites, including the world war 2 tunnels that were dug to hide the royal family
Mito Castle Super friendly lady in the gift shop. Gave me photo of hall from before the earthquake. Make sure you tell her where you are from so she can add a sticker to the visitors globe. Not much to see for castle fans though. All summed up in the photos here.
Morioka Castle
Nagoya Castle
Nakagusuku Castle 2km walk up hill from bus stop. Fantastic spot, great views, lots of walls. #30 Bus runs from bus stop B of Naha Bus terminal
Nakijin Castle Nice ruins good signage. Bus is 2100 each way. Best to get at airport (bus stop sign #2. Yanbaru Express) as it fills quickly with tour groups for the aquarium. This happened at the 3rd stop today (municipal building?), after that was full and no more passengers allowed on from subsequent stops. Left on the 8:40 (arrived 11:05) returned on next available which was 14:55. Ample time.
Nanao Castle Nanao Castle Museum at base is small but has a few nice pieces of excavated finds. The grass roofed building next to it has traditional furniture, household items and a painted scene of a castle encampment. Will need to return to better explore the ruins. Was very cold and windy on the path.
Ne Castle Combined ticket with museum. Some interesting Jamon pieces in museum.
Nihonmatsu Castle
Nijo Castle
Odani Castle
Odawara Castle
Okayama Castle Makes a good backdrop for garden. But castle is not worth going into.
Okazaki Castle
Osaka Castle
Ozu Castle
Saga Castle Audio guide at museum was very good and friendly staff, made this one of the most informative museum experiences
Sakura Castle
Sasayama Castle The video presentation of the history for building this castle was first rate. Probably the best I have seen, very good English subtitles.
Sendai Castle
Shibata Castle
Shimabara Castle Interesting history and lot of Christian artifacts in museum
Shirakawa Castle
Shuri Castle
Sunpu Castle
Taga Castle Closer to 30 minutes walk, or that might have been the directions I got at the museum near the stations
Takada Castle (Niigata) Lit up at night for Hanami. A pretty good way to finish the day after visiting Kasugayama.
Takamatsu Castle Easy walk from station. Nice gardens. First place I've seen sluice gates for seawater for the moat. They say castle used to have the sea crashing against its walls. Currently rebuilding the walls in one area.
Takaoka Castle
Takato Castle
Takatori Castle Great walk up mountain, lots of wall ruins, local town also nice
Takeda Castle
Tokushima Castle
Tottori Castle
Toyama Castle
Tsutsujigasaki Palace
Tsuwano Castle
Tsuyama Castle
Ueda Castle
Uwajima Castle
Wakayama Castle
Yamagata Castle
Yuzuki Castle
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