Usagi's Visited Castles


Castle Date Comment
Aizu Wakamatsu Castle We visited this castle as part of two day trip to Fukushima and saw it in combination with the Abukuma-do caves and the old post town Ouichijuku. The castle and grounds were covered in snow, which set the scene for some great photos. The castle itself is a basic concrete reconstruction, but the area is well worth the visit. The drive though the mountains to the old postal town of Ouichijuku is magnificent.
Arato Castle
Ashikagashi Yakata
Azuchi Castle
Chiba Castle Downtown Chiba, collocated with Ward office and theater. An interesting urban setting with many older buildings surrounding.
Chigasaki Castle
Edo Castle Passed daily on the way to work, always a luxurious sight. Visited regularly at lunchtime for a pleasant summer walk. Always activity, with improvements, excavations, and new signs on display to make return visits continually interesting.
Futamata Castle
Hachigata Castle
Hachioji Castle Nice grounds and ruins to walk around with interesting reconstructions of bridges and walls. Lots of interesting hiking and Buddhist monuments scattered through out the hills and grounds, making it a peaceful and satisfying journey.
Hamamatsu Castle There are numerous castles in this area that can be viewed in combination with a car. From Tokyo this is about a 3 and a half our drive each way if the roads stay clear. Again well worth the drive for the views of Fuji in the winter particularly with the sun setting behind her. The castle is located at the back of the ward office and while small runs information tours and has a considerable amount of historical information and photos of the area.
Hikone Castle
Hirosaki Castle
Hiroshima Castle Old and new parts combined to make an interesting visit. Great costume and katana displays, with excellent views of Hiroshima. Easy walk from other local attractions.
Iga Ueno Castle
Inawashiro Castle
Inuyama Castle
Ishigakiyama Ichiya Castle
Iwamura Castle
Iwasaki Castle Short drive from Nagoya, and short stop on the way to the more interesting ruins of the Daikyu castle. This castle has a few interesting features such a the contrivance with its interesting musical sounds and the remains of an ancient well and a turret.
Iyo Matsuyama Castle Tremendous views from a magnificent castle and surroundings. Access is easy, with ropeway (from Marunouchi car park area), and many interesting walls, mon, and paths. Local town is interesting with period buildings, onsen, and chin-chin-sha. Worth the trip to Ehime alone.
Jindaiji Castle This castle is an easy drive from central Tokyo and not far from the American school, cant believe I drove by this on the way to dropping kids off at school for years and didn't realize it was there. While this castle is simply ruins and forms part of the botanical gardens, the neighboring area and shrine make it well worth the trip.
Kakegawa Castle This is one of the better castles we have seen so far, it was a wooden reconstruction and felt more genuine. The structures, grounds and township are all very interesting and well worth the effort.
Kameyama Castle
Kanayama Castle Easy drive from Tokyo, the mist over the mountain and snow scattered across the ground gave a great feel to these ruins. Interesting ruins to walk around, you can appreciate why this castle withstood it numerous attackers. Further excavations are still underway and can be seen, it is a huge site with good English explanations and a museum at the foot of the hill. The Daikoin shrine is also worth checking out as well.
Kanazawa Castle Large grounds with many sakura, omiyage shops, and interesting museum. Tremendous castle town surrounding as well.
Karasawayama Castle
Kasama Castle
Kasugayama Castle
Kofu Castle
Komoro Castle
Kozukue Castle
Kunohe Castle
Kururi Castle Upon arrival, resist the temptation to walk the road from the car park, and instead take the 800m trail up and over the ridge line and imagine you are an attacking warrior. The approach through the woods is quiet and the rustle of tanuki in the undergrowth adds to the feel. The castle itself is tremendous with both excellent views, and much detail in the surrounding grounds.
Matsumoto Castle This a one of the best castles I have seen so far, the original construction makes the castle even more beautiful and interesting. The insides of the castle is equally as glorious as the outside and truly amazing to see in its original state. It is a definite must to see if you are interested in Japanese history and castles. I am glad one castle managed to survive in its original state.
Matsusaka Castle
Matsushiro Castle
Matsuyama Castle (Saitama)
Morioka Castle
Motosakura Castle
Nagoya Castle The castle was closed the day we visited, but easy access from Nagoya, a large and impressive structure.
Nihonmatsu Castle Visited this castle in combination with Shirakawa. The grounds of the two castle ruins associated with Nihonmatsu are well worth the visit. Kris has a good write up of the features of this castle and I agree walking through the grounds as the sun is setting has a magical feel.
Nijo Castle An unique and interesting style, with a very Japanese feel. Seeing the old foundations and a moat, make this well populated gardens castle a great visit.
Nishio Castle
Odawara Castle Easy drive from Tokyo but very touristy. Has a lot of information in English, indoor museum with wide range of local period artifacts. Outer gate and red wooden bridge, with children's rides and monkeys in a cage.
Ogura Castle
Okazaki Castle Visited this castle as part of a weekend trip to Nagoya. Nice little castle with interesting grounds to walk around, worth the visit.
Osaka Castle Easy access from station.
Oshi Castle On public holidays they perform a period samurai battle to modern manga music. A classic photo op.
Otaki Castle Another great day trip from Tokyo. While the castle itself is a moderate experience, the surrounding areas make this a combined experience. Omiyage, local restaurants, tunnels off the main road to explore, English signs in many places, a good museum of interesting artifacts, and much to explore in the local town make this a well-rated trip.
Oyama Castle Another easy drive from Tokyo, but good to do in combination with other castles in the area, not worth a solo trip. Winter is a good time to few any of the castles in this area for the views of Fuji on the drive in and out of Tokyo. Castle wise it is a standard reconstruction with a few historical artifacts to view inside.
Sakasai Castle An easy drive, and well worth the effort. The reconstruction has a great feel, and the view out over the valley from the yagura is tremendous. Walking the grounds and surrounding woods give a great perspective. Very interesting to see an earlier wooden style in lieu of the usual white stucco.
Sakura Castle Interesting grounds to walk around for both the castle ruins and the history of the area. The park has numerous photos of old buildings and ruins marked. The park was also used as army barracks during the war and these areas are also marked out.
Sano Castle
Sarushima Battery Island
Sekiyado Castle Brass usagi and saru in the surroundings make this an interesting area. The view at the confluence of the rivers too makes for an interesting view.
Sendai Castle If you are driving through Sendai, it is worth a quick stop. Small castle.
Shichinohe Castle
Shigiyama Castle
Shirakawa Castle We first went to this castle just before the earthquake in March and was interested to see what damage had occurred since. I was very surprised to see how much structural damage had occurred to the outer walls that have temporarily closed access to the castle itself.
Shiroishi Castle
Sugiyama Castle
Suwahara Castle This castle ruins is currently under archeological excavation and a fascinating site to visit. It is an easy drive from Kakegawa castle. If you are lucky you may speak to the hard working excavation team who say it will be another 15 years before the castle is restored. Amazing views of Fuji can be seen on the roads all around this site.
Taga Castle
Takada Castle (Niigata)
Takane Castle This fort is a little off the beaten track, but well worth the visit, The area is full of castle ruins for anyone who is able to spend a few days in the Hamamatsu area. The views across the valley are glorious, the unusual ground work and simple reconstruction of the fort make it a must for any serious castle fan.
Takashima Castle This castle is easy to include when visiting Matsumoto castle. It is an interesting castle design from the outside and worth seeing in the winter with its frozen lake. However the inside of the castle is a big disappointment and obviously not considered important. Don't spend the money on the inside museum, stay on the outside.
Takatori Castle
Takiyama Castle We visited this castle in combination with Hachioji castle and Jindaiji castle in Chofu. Similar to Hachioji with grounds and moats to explore but less features or atmosphere.
Tamaru Castle
Tateyama Castle A great day trip drive from Tokyo, with spectacular views. Stop off at the local caves on the way down via the Aqualine.
Tatsuoka Castle
Toba Castle
Tobayama Castle
Tsu Castle
Tsuchiura Castle
Tsutsujigasaki Palace
Ueda Castle
Utsunomiya Castle
Wakayama Castle
Yamanaka Castle
Yogaisan Castle
Yoshida Castle
Zakimi Castle Well worth the drive, provided its not too hot and sweaty! Interesting construction with a European feel to the remaining walls.
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