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There were competing theories about the origins of this castle, whether it was built by the Oyamada or the Asano. In consideration of recent surveys and other Oyamada castles nearby, the Oyamada origins seem to be the more likely. In that case, the castle was built around 1532 when Oyamada Nobuari moved here from his home at the Nakatsumori Yakata. After the fall of the Oyamada (1583), different lords ruled the castle while pacifying the region. After Ieyasu moved to Kanto, Asano Nagamasa (1593) was stationed in Kofu and his family also ruled over Yamura Castle/Katsuyama Castle. The Yamura Domain was established in in 1601 with Torii Noritsugu, but it was placed under direct control of the bakufu in 1704. Katsuyama Castle was abandoned along with Yamura Castle, but Yamura Jin'ya was established near Yamura Castle or in a part of it.

Visit Notes

The school grounds occupy much of what was the former Yamura Castle. Unfortunately, there are no significant remains to be seen today but excavations have uncovered stone work and a well on the school grounds. Yamura Castle is just a few minutes walk from the station and should be visited with Katsuyama Castle, the mountain redoubt of Yamura Castle. The hill in the background I s actually Katsuyama Castle. There is a better picture below showing this.

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  • Mountain in the back is Katsuyama Castle
  • Katsuyama Castle looks close but there is a river between
  • River between Yamura Castle and Katsuyama Castle

Castle Profile
English Name Yamura Castle
Japanese Name 谷村城
Founder Oyamada Nobuari
Year Founded 1532
Castle Type Flatland
Castle Condition Ruins only
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Visitor Information
Access Yamuramachi Sta. (Otsuki Line), 5 min walk
Visitor Information can only view from outside the school grounds
Time Required 5 mins
Location Tsuru, Yamanashi Prefecture
Coordinates 35° 33' 5.98" N, 138° 54' 23.69" E
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