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Yunagaya-jin’ya served as the seat of the Naitō-shi (clan) who ruled Yanagaya-han (feudal domain). In 1670 the area was developed for rice-farming, and a subsidiary domain was created by Naitō Tadaoki, ruler of Iwakitaira-han, for his son Naitō Masasuke, valued at 10,000 koku. Masasuke built Yunagawa-jin’ya in 1676 and developed the surrounding castle town.

The Naitō ruled from here for the rest of the Edo Period. From 1722, Naitō Masātsu codified laws for the domain. From 1824, Naitō Masatami established a Hankō (domain academy) for the domain. In 1868, the Naitō joined the Ōuestu-Reppan Alliance but Yunagawa-jin’ya surrendered without a fight to anti-Shogunate forces. The fiefdom was reduced in size to 1,000 koku and the final Daimyō, Naitō Yoshinori, oversaw the abolition of the Han system.

Visit Notes

I came to this local site because I had nothing better to do and it was ideal weather, but although the site is small I was pleasantly surprised to see the very obvious remains of a fortification here. The former Jin’ya (fortified administrative centre) retains impressive Dorui (earthen ramparts) and a right-angled moat segment. The moat’s water is muddy brown and the Kuruwa (bailey) it encloses is lush with summer undergrowth and palm trees. The site is surrounded by forest so that it felt like the ruin was in, well, a much more tropical location than Tōhoku at least! I also found horikiri, maps and a stone marker for the site, on what is now the grounds of a middle school.

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Castle Profile
English Name Yunagaya Jin'ya
Japanese Name 湯長谷陣屋
Alternate Names Yumoto Jin'ya
Founder Naitō Masasauke
Year Founded 1676
Castle Type Mountaintop
Castle Condition Ruins only
Historical Period Edo Period
Features trenches
Visitor Information
Access Yumoto Sta. (Jouban Line), 30-40 min. walk
Visitor Information 24/7 free
Time Required 30 mins
Location Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture
Coordinates 36° 59' 19.50" N, 140° 50' 43.12" E
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Contributor ART
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List of Castellans: Naitō Masasauke 1670-6193 Naitō Masanori 1693-1703 Naitō Masasada 1703-1722 Naitō Masātsu 1722-1741 Naitō Masanobu 1741-1761 Naitō Sadayoshi 1761-1778 Naitō Masahiro 1778-1787 Naitō Masayuki 1787-1799 Naitō Masākira 1799-1824 Naitō Masatami 1824-1855 Naitō Masatsune 1855-1859 Naitō Masatoshi 1859-1863 Naitō Masayasu 1863-1868

Naitō Yoshinori 1868-1871